Angels of God meet Jacob before  400 armed guards did so

Twenty years after leaving home, Jacob returned from Syria with his family. He was fearful because he was about to return to Esau’s territory and they had parted bitterly. However, a Host of  the Angels of  God met him and he called the place Mahanaim. 

How many Angels are there in a Host?

When applied to Jacob’s scenario, a host of angels refers to (H4264):

  • Two bands of angels
  • A great company – hundreds of thousands of angels
  • A camp of angels
  • Armies of angels and the noise of an army
  • Presence of the Lord
  • The prophetic ministry. Mahanaim had prophetic significance for the present and future of Israel.
  • Death to rebels against the Word of God
  •  more  applications of the Host of God


What is  Mahanaim   associated with?  

  • A threat to survival Mahanaim was the place where Jacob feared for the survival of his family since Esau his brother sent to say that he  was coming with a “welcoming party” of  400 armed men.
  • Intercession for safety Jacob became greatly afraid and distressed and prayed for the survival of his family (Gen 32)
  • Wrestling with God  Later that night, Jacob wrestled with God Mahanaim and was allowed to prevail. God renamed him Israel or Prince with God in Mahanaim (Gen 32)
  • Military strengthMahanaim was later inherited by the tribe of Gad. Gad is associated with military strength and dominion, even when overtaken by enemies (Gen 30: 11; Gen 49: 19; Num 32: 29). Jacob was about to send messengers to his estranged brother Esau, but  God was saying that he was strong and would prevail. He was also slated to wrestle with God and be permitted to win.
  • Reward for labor The tribe of Manasseh also inherited part of Mahanaim. Joseph called his firstborn son Manasseh because he said that God had made him forget his labor and all my fathers’ house (Gene 41:51).  God was telling Jacob that he would forget his labor in Laban’s house.
  • God’s protection from the slayer Mahanaim (and its suburbs) was later was assigned as a City of Refuge for slayer (Josh 21: 38).   God is our Refuge and Strength, a very present help in trouble. Angels will minimize our threats.
  • Failed leadership if you are not assigned by God Following Saul’s death, David was crowned King of Judah.  Abner, Genrela pf Saul’s army, crowned Ishbosheth King as King of  Israel in Mahanaim, using it as a cover for his rebellion against King David. However, God had assigned David as Saul’s successor and Ishbosheth kingdom eventually weakened.
  • Provision of  foodMahanaim was the place where Shobi  and other men provided food for David and his people as he fled from his son Absalom (2  Sam 17: 27)

God confirmed His Word. Esau came to meet Jacob with his 400 men, but there was renewal and forgiveness between the twins (Gen 33).   

I was really encouraged by God’s great sense of humor and care for those who trust in Him.  Do you have a Mahanaim? Those who are for you are more than those against you. Blessings.