1.  400 militants in two eras

400 men  joined David as he fled from Saul and helped him to form a group of  militants who performed unusual feats of valor. They were “in distress … in debt … and discontented” (1 Samuel 22: 2).

Theudas  lived several centuries later  and was an anti – Rome militant who “pretended to be someone great. About four hundred others joined him, but he was killed, and his followers went their various ways. The whole movement came to nothing.” (Acts 5: 36)

David was anointed King of  Israel after Saul’s untimely death.  He had been anointed by God as Saul’s successor and his rule lasted for 40 years.  In contrast, Theudas came to nothing. 

Lesson: God appoints people to positions of leadership.  You will fall if He is not on your team.   


2.  400 false prophets speaking lies  (1 Kings 22: 6; 2 Chron 18: 5) 

Jehoshaphat and Ahab, Kings of  Judah and Israel, formed an alliance to go to war against the nation of Syria.  However, King Jehoshaphat asked Ahab to ask the Lord whether or not they should go to the war. Read the fascinating story  for  full details. Here are the highlights:

  • Ahab called 400 false prophets who told him to go to the war. False prophets  will not warn of impending danger. They usually tell you what you want to hear. This is how they make their money
  • King Jehoshaphat perceived that they were false prophets and asked for a prophet of the Lord.
  • King Ahab sent a messenger to fetch Prophet Micaiah whom he  hated, since the prophet never prophesied good to him.
  • The messenger told Prophet Micaiah to agree with the  400 false prophets of the king and say that Ahab could go to the battle
  • Micaiah  mockingly began to prophesy just what the false prophets had said to Ahab
  • King  Ahab became angry and told the Prophet of the Lord to speak  the truth.  
  • Prophet Micaiah  then  revealed that the Lord had permitted a lying spirit to tell the false prophets that Ahab should go to the battle. He also told King Ahab that he would die in battle
  • Ahab became angry and tossed Micaiah into prison
  • The King of Syria commanded his captains to fight only with King Ahab and to kill him.
  • Although he disguised himself, a certain man randomly shot a stray arrow that killed the king.
  • King Ahab died in the battle just as the prophet had said according to the Word of the Lord

 Lesson: Any number of  false prophets will lead to your destruction. One true Prophet of the Lord will save your life.