God’s prophecy about the 400 years of slavery

The God Family gave Abraham a prophecy about 400 years of Jewish history in which they would be enslaved in a foreign land then released. The full understanding of this prophecy was revealed to me by Archangel Gabriel on March 15th, 2010 and I am excited to be able to share it with you today.  Here are highlights of the Genesis 15 text:

  • The Jews would be enslaved in the land
  • They would leave with great wealth
  • Abraham’s descendants would spend 4 generations or 400 years in the foreign land
  • Meantime, the Amorites/Caananites would spend the 400 year period sinning and they would reach the full extent of their sin at the end of that period.


God sent the Jews to Egypt for 400 years because Abraham broke their covenant.

As Archangel Gabriel taught me on this text, I began to see interrelationships previously hidden to my blinded eyes. I began to understand that this dark  period of  Jewish history could only be understood in context of the events found in Genesis 15 – 17.

The FIRST important truth that we need to understand is that God and Abraham had made a covenant  with each other. The covenant was that God would be Abraham’s God and Abraham would worship and obey God alone.  This truth is embedded in God calling out Abraham from his country, Abraham’s obedience and the relationship between the two parties. 

Covenants are important agreements between two parties which :

  • Lawyers refer to covenants as contracts
  • Internet marketers refer to as Joint Ventures
  • Business partners would call  a business agreement
  • Nations call them Alliances  e.g. NATO, United Nations
  • A man and woman call a marriage


Coming up:  What was the covenant that God made with Abraham?