Did you know that God gave Commandments, Statutes and Laws  to  Abraham?

God revealed to Isaac that he had given Abraham a Charge, Commandments, Statues and Laws (Genesis 26: 1-5). Most of us equate the  Law of God with the Law of  Moses.  Adam and Eve had also commandments and laws which they broke.  God’s Law is really the Word of God.

We need to understand that the commands and laws that God gave to  Abraham  paved the way for him to inherit the blessings promised in the  covenant. These instructions were not like the rigid rules and regulations given to the Jews of Moses’ time.  Abraham was a “kettle of a different fish” because he loved God and lived to please Him.  God had to regulate the Jews because they had learnt the ways of Egypt and had not really kept the ways of God for over 400 years of  slavery.

God had begun to reveal Himself to Abraham in his birthplace and found in him a willing and obedient heart. Abraham had also become tired of the sin of his nation and wanted a place where he could worship and live free from the enclosed pressures and sins of his community.  He chose to keep God’s commands chiefly because he was God’s friend and wanted to please Him.

What were the commandments, statutes and laws given by God to Abraham?

  •  Leave your country,  your relatives and immediate family because I want you to be the father of a new nation. They will worship me and be a Kingdom of Priests and a holy nation in the earth (Gen 12: 1, 2; Exodus 19: 6). 
  • You are to be a blessing and not a curse (Gen 12: 2)
  • Build altars of worship and prayer everywhere you go.  (Gen 7 & 8; 13: 4 & 18).
  • Give tithes to God (Gen 14: 20)
  • Do not take goods from the Sodomites or socialize with them (Gen 14: 22-24)
  • Swear allegiance to  God, the possessor of heaven and earth and to no one else and show allegiance by lifting your hands (Gen 14: 18- 22)
  • Believe my word when I speak (Gen 15: 1-6)
  • Make a covenant with me that you and your descendants will have no other God and allow me be your God. In modern day language, we will become allies forever (Gen 15: )
  • Obey my word and be perfect or pleasing in my sight (Gen 17: 1-2)
  • Call yourself by your new name Abraham which means the father of many nations. Sarai is now to be called Sarah because she is the mother of nations and kings (Gen 17: 4-5; 15)
  • God asked him to circumcise  the males in his household as a sign of the covenant that he would become the father of many nations (Gen 17: 14).
  • Disconnect all males in your household who refuse to be circumcised and agree with my covenant (Gen 17: 14)
  • Your heir will be called Isaac and he will be yours and Sarah’s son (Gen 17: 19)
  • Do not make Ishmael your heir. My covenant is not with him, but I will bless him with 12 princes/sons and he will become a great nation (Gen 17: 20; 25: 16)
  • God expected Abraham to teach the people of his family to be obedient, worship, pray and obey God (Gen 18: 17 – 19. This was patterned in the servant who went back to Haran to get Isaac a wife (Gen 24). His son Isaac also was a model child, a worshipper and man of prayer like his father Abraham (Gen 24: 63)
  • Genesis revealed that Abraham was a personal friend of  the God family  and an intercessor on behalf of nations (Genesis 18; 20: 17)
  • God called Abraham a prophet, symbolic of a friend (Gen 20: 7)
  • God family revealed secrets because of the high regard in which they held Abraham (Gen 18)
  • Abraham obeyed God’s request to offer his only son Isaac as a sacrifice. God told me that this was the ultimate test of arrival, when one is willing to give up the key to his/her future in obedience to God (Gen 22).   

 The upcoming post will deal with the breaking of the covenant and 400 years of slavery.