I am writing this with the assumption that Darius 1 was Esther’s husband. Closer examination of the historical events reveal a fascinating interplay between the events in Jerusalem and Babylon:

     YEAR                                                                     EVENT
539 BC Return of 1st exiles as commanded by King Cyrus for the rebuilding of the Temple. Cyrus reigned 539 – 530 = 9 years
538 BC Temple rebuilding recommences. Enemies oppose
529 BC Enemies write to King Cambyses claiming that the Jews are rebels and will not pay taxes if the temple is rebuild. He passes a law to stop them until he changed the law

Cambyses II, son of Cyrus – 530 – 522 (8 years)

522 BC Darius  I becomes King. Cambyses is no longer an obstruction to  God’s plan.
520 BCDarius 1 is in his 2nd year as King In a vision, Prophet Zechariah saw satan accusing  Joshua the High Priest, as a last ploy to stop the work (Zech 3). Satan wanted to rule supreme in the geographic locale.Prophets Haggai and Zechariah prophesied to Governor Zerubbabel, telling him to begin building again. Their enemies wrote to Darius who  found the law passed by King Cyrus. He commands the rebuilding to recommence.
519 BCDarius’ 3rd Year Darius I has his party and ousted Queen Vashti.
516 BC Darius’ 6th Year. Temple is finished (Ezra 6: 15). Worship recommenced. Satan became more angry. He had tried to resist this event (Zechariah 3).
515 BCDarius’ 7th Year Esther became Queen as God set her in place to deliver her people (Esther 2: 16)
510 BCDarius’ 12th Year Haman casts lots to destroy the Jews over a 1 year period. He was the descendants of the Amalekites who had tried to block Moses and the Jews from entering Canaan. The Amalekites were Esau’s descendants.
13th Nisan, 511 BC Haman contrived to have the King pass the law for the destruction of the Jews on the 13th day of Adar. (Nisan = April and Adar = March).
13th Adar 510 BC The Jews destroyed their enemies. The power of the Prince of Persia has begun to wane.

The revelation is that Satan is the evil and sinister master mind who opposes the Jewish nation and the saints. However, God uses believers in the earth who will rule this enemy and put him to flight. Esther’s secret arsenal included fasting, prayer and diplomatic counter – attack.

The opposition of the Jews is not a new phenomenon. The battle is really about who will rule – God or satan. Satan is under the dominion of the saints in the earth. Let us pray for the Jews and persecuted saints as this merciless attack continues from the forces of hell. We win!