1. The Hebrew word for the word “Signs”

 I’ve been writing about the meaning of “Seasons” and have been instructed by God to write about “signs” at this time. The word is first found in Genesis during the 4th Day of Creation:

 And God said, Let there be lights in the firmament of the heaven to divide the day from the night; and let them be for signs, and for seasons, and for days, and years (Genesis 1: 14).

 ‘Owth/H226 is the word that God used for Signs.  What is a sign? The meaning can be elicited from usage of the word ‘Owth in scriptures.


2. Usage of the word signs or (‘Owth)  in scriptures

‘Owth  was used in the following contexts:

 a. God placed a mark (‘Owth)  on Cain to prevent any one from killing him (Genesis 4: 15).

b. A token (‘Owthof a covenant or contract made between God and a human being.  This could be interpreted as the signature and a reminder of  the covenants or contracts. The word “token” was used 14 times and I will share 4 examples:

  • The bow in the sky was placed as a token or sign that God would never again destroy the entire world with a flood (Genesis 9: 12, 13 & 17)
  • God commanded Abraham to circumcise every male in his household as a token of the covenant between them (Genesis 17: 11).
  • When Moses first met God in the desert at Mount Horeb/Sinai, God told him that as a token, he and the Jews would serve God on the same Mountain where he had first met God. God confirmed His word and gave the Law to Moses at Horeb (Exodus 3: 11, 12).
  • The blood of the Passover Lamb was placed on the Jews’ doorposts as a token that they were protected from the Destroyer who kiiled the firstborn of Egypt (Exodus 12: 13).


c. Miracles (‘Owthare also signs (Exodus 14 :22; Deuteronomy 11: 3)

d.  Signs (‘Owth

The word signs is used 60 times in the King James Version of the Old Testament.

a. Signs are supernatural events that confirm the prophetic word and reveal God’s power, presence, deliverance and judgment on nations:  

  • God gave Moses 2 signs as proof that He had sent him to deliver the Jews from Egypt. His shepherd’s rod became a serpent and in the second sign, Moses’ hand to became as white as snow (Exodus 4: 1-9).
  • God also commanded Moses to use his rod to “do signs” in Egypt (Exodus 4: 17).
  • God used Moses to show many great signs in Egypt, ending with the death of the firstborn and drowning of Pharaoh’s army in the Red Sea. These signs revealed His Terror and Mighty Power and struck fear into the heathen (Exodus 7: 3).
  • Joshua placed stones in the Jordan as a perpetual sign and reminder about the miraculous parting of the river (Joshua 4: 6)
  • God gave King Hezekiah a miraculous sign that he had been healed  and would live an additional 15 years  (2 Kings 20: 8; Isaiah 38: 6-9)
  • God warned us not to believe signs used by prophets as proof that we should worship others god (Deuteronomy 13: 1-4). Satan uses false prophets to work lying signs and miracles, but God said that He will frustrate their tokens/signs and make them mad (Isaiah 44: 25).
  • As a sign that He would fulfill the word of the Prophet Isaiah, God told King Ahaz  that a virgin would conceive and bear a son (Isaiah 7: 11 & 14)  

Signs are tokens, miracles and marks that God uses to reveal His Power; confirm His Word; reveal judgment and remind us about His Covenants and Greatness.

Coming up: To be more specific, how are the sun, moon and stars used as signs?