D. wrote the following  comment about a post that I had written on strong holds:

“In love, there is no word or phrase in any version of Revelation 18.2 that can describe the devil’s dwelling place as a stronghold. However, as I read different versions carefully, the dwelling place of the devil can be better described as a jailhouse, penitentiary, detention center, or a correctional facility. All of these descriptions, I have listed, more accurately describes the dwelling place of these foul spirits that have fallen; stated in Rev. 18.2.
However, the description of a stronghold is correct in which you wrote, but unfortunately, even in the Greek, the dwelling place does not infer, imply, or refer to a castle like place where Satan abides. If, in actuality, you believe that the devil is a strong hold, I think you should show us, biblically, of how the devil and its agents are a stronghold. However, Solomon refers to God as his might fortress and a stronghold or strong tower; depending on what versions you read. David, in 2 Samuel 22.2-3 quotes,”He is my stronghold,” in verse 3 specifically. I have not found anywhere in the Bible that the devil is given credit of being a stronghold; but God is the only power that is given credit of being a stronghold. God bless you, In Christ”

My response:

Dear Donald

Thanks for your response to my post. My comments are:

a. God referred to Babylon as a “habitation … hold … and cage” of demons (Revelation 18: 2).
b. Each of those nouns show that Babylon was a dwelling place for demons
c. Babylon was a real place in history. Would you agree that it was the hold of demons, a place where satan controlled humans?
d. I found this to be true from the book of Daniel, especially in light of Archangel Gabriel’s revelation about the invisible, controlling demonic rulers.
e. The book of Daniel reveals that the Kings of Babylon worshipped and gave their allegiance to satan. History also attests to that.

Using http://blueletterbible.org, I found multiple references to the word “hold” throughout scripture. Time does not permit me to delve here, but I will write a few posts on the issue.

I do appreciate your feedback and hope to hear further from you.


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