1. Confusion currently exists about the exact number of days in which God created the Heaven and the Earth

 While the Creation account shows that God created the earth in seven days, many theorists have said that this could not be possible. However, the answer to this question is found in the Book of Genesis. The KEYWORDS to the answer are:

  •  Day
  • Days
  • Years

 2. God defined day as “light” and night as “darkness”

 At the beginning of the creation, the earth was under water and in a state of blackness or darkness. God created the Light then separated it from the dark. He called the light day and the darkness night:

 “And God called the light (’owr) Day, and the darkness He called Night – and the evening and the morning were the first day” (Genesis 1: 5).

 a. Light or ‘owr

  •  ‘Owr refers to sunlight of the day, beginning with sunrise.  For example, when Egypt was in thick, impenetrable, painful darkness, the children of Israel had light (‘owr) in their dwellings (Exodus 10: 23)
  • ‘Owr does not include the light of dawn (Judges 19: 26).
  • Light or ‘owr means bright light. Job compared the light (‘owr) of the wicked to a spark of fire and the light of a candle (Job 18: 5 & 6).

 We see therefore that days begin with light of the sun or at sunrise.

 3. God then created a 24 hour day cycle on Creation Day 4

 On Day 4 of Creation, God created the sun and moon to:

 “divide the day from the night … for signs, and for seasons, and for days and years” (Genesis 1: 14).

 Scientific FACTS about days and years:

Days and years are linked to each other because days make up years.

  • The earth rotates on an axis one time every 24 hours.
  • Each 24 hour rotation gives us an individual day
  • Each of God’s created day began with sunrise and ended one minute before sunrise of the following day (contrary to conventional practice)
  • The earth also revolves around the sun, created on day 4.
  • It completes one full revolution in 365 days
  • 365  days make one year

4.      Human life span was counted in days and years  *****

 This is really the MAIN CLUE to God creating the heaven and the earth in 7 days and not centuries, months or even millennia. Here are the truths:

  •  God created Adam on Creation Day 6
  • Therefore Adam was created on  6th January, Year 1
  • God counted Adam’s life in days and years from Creation Day 6.
  • Adam died sometime after his birthday in Year 930 because …
  • “All the days that Adam lived were 930 years and he died” (Genesis 5: 5)
  • Adam and the earth had revolved around the sun for 930 years when he died
  • We know from science that 365 days = 1 year
  • Counting from his creation, Adam therefore lived for 365 days x 930 years OR 339, 450 days.
  • Earth was 5 days older than Adam.
  • God continued to speak about lifespan in days and years until the time of Isaac. He felt that we should have understood the concept by then

 FAQ about the length of Creation:

  • God started to count  earth time in days and years from the beginning of the creation.
  • When He created Adam and Eve, He just continued on with His counting.
  • This tells us that He created the heaven and earth in exactly 7 days, each lasting for 24 hours

 5. God’s concept of time shows that creation activities were fast forwarded in comparison to earth time

Creation was done by three people called the “Eternal God.”  Eternity is a place in which time is suspended and in which elements of earth time have no place. For example, to the Creator:

  •  1 earth day is like 1000 years
  • 1000 earth years are like one day
  • 70 earth years are like 70 weeks
  • 2300 days to God are 2300 years to man
  • To name a few examples

6. Miracles in which time and natural laws were suspended give clues about the miracle of timing in Creation 

Miracles are events in which results occur with no consideration to earth’s timing, laws of physics etc.

  • Water to wine – Jesus did not plant, grow, reap, crush, ferment grapes nor bottle the wine.
  • Jesus made clay and opened blind eyes – Jesus made new eyes and gave them to a man. The first eye transplant
  • Multiplication of bread and fish
  • Resurrection of the dead
  • Jesus commanded a storm to cease
  • Humans reclaim land  that is under water – God spoke to the water and moved it off the earth
  • Parting of the Red Sea – no time to build a bridge
  • The flood
  • Jesus walked on water – he suspended the law of gravity
  • Amphibian planes and cars – “walk” on water

People “walk” on the moon.  Natural laws and time are suspended in space.  God lives far above space in a place called the “heaven of heavens”.  This is the Creator of the heaven and the earth.