One of my  precious readers posted this comment in response to  Dangers of Astral Travel 

“look! umm… i beleive in god, christ, and the holy spirit and the bible with all my heart! i do keep having this astral travels thing but i cant help it! it just happens! i tried to avoid it like sleeping in crisscross jaja or to the side but it still happens!

my first experience was when i stayed paralize my second when an evil spirit was trying to choke me but in that second i called for jesus help by saying in the name of jesus christ ur gone! and he left the third is when i saw a grey cloud! and in the same way i made it go away by mentioning jesus to him!

BUT REMEMBER that this keeps happening to me! even if i dont want to! i fight by moving my body! but i read that if it keeps happening to you! this is a msg that something is suppose to be shared with me! but before that i go! i should pray first for the angels to protect me and that let the light of the holy spirit protect me form all evil! should i let myself go with god or i just dont do it at all”

Read my response at Dangers of Astral Travel if you have a similar problem. You will  find the answers that you need.