I was rifling through my papers recently when I found some information that had been given to me on January 3rd 2007 at 1.25 pm.  It had begun after the Lord had instructed me to read Jeremiah 7: 28:

this is a nation that does not obey the voice of the Lord

nor receive correction. Truth has perished and is cut

off from their mouth

It  is a nation that does not fear God and oppresses the stranger. Cry against this nation and its sins. Truth is cut off in the streets. The prophets are lying to the people, prophesying prosperity when there is none. It is a nation where the people walk in the counsel and imaginations of their own hearts – a nation that does not fear God.

I will pour out my wrath on this nation of America, says God. You have killed your prophets, says the Lord God, killed innocent blood – the unborn babes. Their blood cries out of the ground for vengeance, says the Lord. I will make your diviners mad and I shall expose the foolish wisdom of your so called men and women of wisdom, says the Lord.

I will frustrate the signs of the liars in the land and confirm the words of my servants the prophets. I have sent my words to heal you, yet you have not hearkened unto me, says the Lord. You are a nation of liars and thieves and I hate and despise it, saith the Lord.  You are a nation of pretenders, exploiting the poor, pretending to care for poorer nations so that you can exploit them. I have heard their cries, saith the Lord.

This is a time of cleansing and purging. I shall cleanse the United States, saith the Lord. It is a time of wrath, until my Spirit is appeased, saith the Lord. Your actions and your motives shall judge you, for I have sent my servants the prophets unto you – and you did not hear, says the Lord.

You have killed the prophets, my servants, even from the womb. Abortion is an abomination unto the Lord. Your sins of witchcraft, homosexuality, idolatry, perversion and deception are a few that drive me crazy, says the Lord.

I have sent my servant  to warn you, says the Lord, Creator of the ends of the earth. Those that are incensed against my servant shall never stand. They shall perish away like smoke. The angel of the Lord shall destroy their camps suddenly, in the time when they shall rejoice – saying peace and safety.