The following words and truths are KEY to understanding the Parable of the Garden of Eden and we should therefore keep them in mind:

  • Eden is a land in the east of earth
  • God called it a Garden
  • It is an enclosed, fenced place = has geographic boundaries
  • Eden means pleasant
  • It is called the Garden of Eden
  • It is also called Garden of the Lord
  • God called it the Garden of Eden
  • Fruit trees grew in the Garden of Eden
  • Fruits, herbs, spices, nuts and other decorative trees like the  cedar and fir)
  • It has a Tree of Life
  • It has a River with 4 tributaries
  • Adam and Eve lived there while they were in a state of sinlessness
  • It was a place of angelic protection, worship and fellowship with God
  • Unfortunately, it was also the place where Adam and  Eve succumbed to temptation by the devil (the serpent)
  • God expelled Adam and Eve from the Garden to prevent them from living forever.