In order to understand the mystery  of the 7 golden candlesticks, we need to make a comparison with the golden candlestick in Moses’ tabernacle and those seen in  Prophet Zechariah’s vision.  There is much truth to be derived from this teaching but this post gives a brief overview from which many hidden applications can be explored.  Here are 2 key truths:

Candlestick = the church (Rev 1: 20)

Lamp of fire = The Spirit of God in all His fullness aka the seven Spirits of God (Rev 4: 5; Isaiah 11)

Moses’ Tabernacle for the Church in the  Wilderness was  a depiction of the Throne in heaven Prophet Zechariah’s visionZechariah  4 Apostle John’s vision of God’s  Throne, Temple and Church  in heaven (Heb 12: 18-24)
Holy of Holies

Ark with the testimony inside = Jesus the Head of the Church in the  Wilderness (1 Cor 10: 1-6)

Mercy seat on the ark= throne of grace (Hebrews 4: 16)

Two cherubims facing each other = members of the God family

Their wings covered the mercy seat (Ex 25: 1-21)

God spoke to Moses from between the cherubims  (Ex 25: 22)

Vail separated holy place from the holy  of holies (Ex 25:

The High Priest alone entered once a year to make reconciliation for the sins of the nation

  A Throne in heaven = The Temple of God = place of intercession, worship & servicea. God sits or rules on the throne. The Lamb/Jesus/God is also in the midst of the Throne – 7 horns and eyes/fullness of  God (Rev 5: 6). b. Spiritual position of the elders/pattern for church of earth:

24 elders & 4 living creatures are in front of the throne (Rev 4: 4)

They declare worship, fall down & cast down their  crowns in recognition of God’s authority (Rev 4: 8-11)

The 24 elders & 4 living creatures hold harps & golden vials full of aromatic prayers of the saints (Rev 5: 8)

The elders & living creatures lead in intercession, singing and falling down in worship (Rev 5: 8 – 14)

An innumerable number of angels join in the worship (Rev 5: 8-14). They do so when we worship on earth after that manner.

c. Spiritual authority of the elders (Rev 5 & 6)

AFTER  the elders pray & worship, Jesus unseals the Book of Judgment & judges earth on behalf of His persecuted church  (Rev 6 & 7).

The ELDERS are the intercession & worship leaders in the heavenly church. They are shameless in their adoration and put away their accolades to honor God

 d. The saints serve God

 The redeemed Jews & Gentiles worship & serve God day & night before the Throne and He dwells with them (Rev 7).

NB: The 144,000 represent the firstfruits of the gospel – the number of Jews who first believed, then took the gospel to the Gentiles. Study the sequence in both texts.  The Jews are first, AFTER WHICH the nations appear in heaven  (Rev 7 & 14: 1-7)

Jesus teaches them His Word (Rev 7: 17)

e. The Spirit of God fills His Church

 7 lamps of fire or the Spirit of God burn  in front of the throne (Rev 4: 5).  “Seven” represents the fullness of the Spirit of God in the redeemed church (Isaiah 11; Rev 5: 6).

I made this deduction because the  7 lamps of fire are always placed on top of the 7 candlesticks/church.

f. The Spiritual Position of the Church of Jesus is revealed

We are seated in heavenly places in Christ & dwelling in the Presence of God (Eph 2: 6; Col 3: 1-3). We worship & serve Him day and night and allow Him to teach us.

The Spirit of God= the nature of God = God Himself  is the Lamp of the church -manifested in might, knowledge, counsel, discernment  etc (Isa 11)

 The elders are positioned closest to God in relationship & bring the church into favor & the presence with God.

 g.  The Spiritual authority of the church is revealed (Rev 8)

There is also an altar in front of the throne.

An angel places the fragrant prayers of the saints into a golden censer (presented by the elders & living creatures).

He offers it on the altar with incense

God inhales the fragrance and responds by avenging His saints.

The angel takes fire from the altar, places it into the censer, then casts the fire and prayers into the earth

There are changes in the earth – voices, thunders, lightning, an earthquake, destruction in the earth.

The subsequent judgments result from the prayers of the saints, worship & intercession of the elders.

Holy Place

Table with  showbread  (Ex 25: 23 – 30) 

Golden candlestick = Jesus

7 branches  = The CHURCH (Rev 1: 20)


Seven Lamps on the golden candlesticks  = the Spirit of God filling the church (Rev 4: 5).

The light was NEVER to be extinguished  (Ex 25: 31-37)

There was a clear separation between the holy place and the holy of holies (Ex 26: 33-37)


A golden candlestick with  7 lamps.

Candlestick = Jesus


7 lamps = the church (Rev 1: 20) 


Seven pipes went to the  7 lamps= the Spirit of God filling the church (Rev 4: 5)

Two olive trees stood on either side of the candlestick

The two olive trees empty their oil into the candlesticks

The angel revealed that the 2 olive trees were the two anointed ones that stand by the Lord of the whole earth

Meaning: God reveals the relationship of  the other two members of the God Family/Trinity/Godhead to the Church of Jesus.

See them in Revelation 11 as the 2 witnesses

Court of the tabernacle  (Ex 26 & 27)Separated the outside from the holy place.  Its borders were  surrounded  by curtainsHad a gate

Had an altar of sacrifice

This altar is symbolic of cleansing, prayer and worship (Hebrews 13: 10-15)