God  has a Temple in Heaven

Apostle John was shown that the elders in heaven worship and serve God unceasingly in His Temple. This is the place of favor – seated with Christ at the Father’s right hand in the heavenly places.

Jesus told the Leader or Elders of the Church of Ephesus that their candlestick would be removed from its place if they failed to repent for having lost their FIRST love.  To lose your first love is essentially to lose your worship and passion for Christ. When an individual or church loses this passion for the Lord, the Lamp of the Spirit will be quenched.

However, God wants His church to look into His Holy Temple in heaven and match this GOLD STANDARD here in the earth.

The elders in the Church of the Firstborn in heaven express their love for God through:

  • Music
  • Singing
  • Intercession
  • Verbal Worship
  • Their worship is unabashed to the point of casting down their crowns and falling down in front of the throne of God.

Therefore, when the church of earth worships at the Throne, it dwells in the Presence of God and walks with Him. This is the TRUE experience of “heaven in the earth”.

The Temple of God is located at His Throne

Here are references that reveal that the Throne or Temple of God is the place of worship, music, singing, intercession and judgment.

The Throne is the TEMPLE & the Place of Worship & Judgment in heaven
1. The Elders & Angels worship at the throne & are joined by every living creature in heaven and earth  – Rev 4 & 5 7. The prayers of the saints ascends to God as a sweet fragrance & the earth is judged – Rev 8: 5
2. Jesus opened the book with the 7 seals AFTER He is worshipped at the Throne as the Worthy Lamb of God  -Rev 5 8. Rev 11  – Apostle John is commanded to measure the Jewish temple in the earth
3. Apostle John saw the multitudes from the nations standing before the throne and before the Lamb. They worship & wave palm branches.  The angels join their worship – Rev 7: 9- 12. 11. Temple of God in heaven was opened & the ark revealed. There were lightenings, voices, thunder, earthquake and a great hail – Rev 11: 19 This matches the scene on the mountain when the Law was given to Moses & the earthquake and darkness at Jesus’ death.When Jesus died, the vail was rent in two from top to bottom.  As the High Priest, He entered the vail & made a one time atonement for our sins Heb 6: 19 & 20. 

The Temple in heaven is the True Tabernacle & is pitched by God and not humans – Heb 8: 1 & 2

4. The temple and throne are the same. Apostle John said that the redeemed multitudes worship  God BEFORE THE THRONE & serve Him day and night in His temple – Rev  7: 15 12. God judges the earth – Rev 12-15 The temple was opened again & 7 angels emerged with 7 plagues – Rev 15: 5)Smoke from the glory of God filled the temple – an no one could enter until the plagues were completed – Rev 15: 8
5. Jesus teaches them the Word from the Throne – Rev 7: 17
6. There is an altar in front of the throne – an angel makes intercession for the saints here  -Rev 8: 3, 4

The Temple in Heaven is the True Tabernacle

Apostle Paul taught us in Hebrews that Jesus is the Minister and High Priest of this “greater and more perfect tabernacle not made with hands” (Hebrews 9: 11).  He entered once into the Holy Place in that perfect tabernacle and obtained redemption for us.

Therefore, all believers NOW have been given the authority or boldness to enter the holiest place by the blood of Jesus (Hebrews 10: 19). We can come boldly before this Throne of Grace and find mercy in time of need (Hebrews 4: 16).

Relevance to the Church of Ephesus & to us

God calls for His   Church to Enter into His temple. I would hear Him calling to me in worship, telling me to “come up higher”. I would literally feel as if I had stepped over a threshold into the throne. I only obtained this blessing by picturing myself in front of the throne of God as I worshipped.

Now I can say that I dwell in the Presence of God.  I can see and hear into the heavenly realm with greater ease.  I know what God says and how He feels about many issues in the earth.

Dwelling in His Presence and serving in His Temple in heaven should be our FIRST desire and the prayer of our heart.