1. Release of  Islamic Extremism On The Western World – Historical Warnings


I wrote earlier this morning about a dream revealing the involvement of the Presidents of  Iran and Libya in the beheading of  Vincentian nationals.  I went back to sleep, then awoke to talk with the Lord.  He asked me to write on “historical warnings regarding the  release of  Islamic extremism on the western world.”

On July 27th, 1990, members of  the Jaaamat al Muslimeen, an Islamic group Trinidad and Tobago,  staged a coup in an attempt to create an Islamic state. They invaded the Parliament, killing Parliamentarians and holding the nation hostage.  Twenty four people were killed.  This is another SIGN of the potential nature of the Islamic threat in smaller nations.

St Vincent and the Grenadines has been placed directly into the laps of two known terrorist leaders/nations and we are in serious trouble.  From 2009, the terrorists began intensify efforts to subdue the earth. WE NEED TO PRAY FOR DELIVERANCE!!

The merciless aircraft bombing over Lockerbie, Scotland took place on Wednesday 21st December, 1988 and also claimed the lives of  innocent victims on the ground. A Vincentian national was  on board and killed in this bombing as well as in the 911 event. A  Libyan Intelligence Officer was arrested after a three year investigation and jailed in the United Kingdom.  He was released from prison on 20th August 2009 on health grounds and hailed as a national hero on returning to Libya.   The 1988  bombing was a 13 year precourser to 911 and other  aircraft bombings, as well as subway bombings in nations around the earth.

In 2007, two nationals of Guyana and Trinidad  joined the fray in a failed bombing  attempt of the JFK International Airport in New York. Read the signs.

The United States escaped subsequent attempted bombings of  Central Station and Times Square because of the prayers of the church.


2. Development of Islam  – case of mistaken identity

The founder Mohamed was born 570 CE in Mecca, Saudia Arabia. He died 632 AD at age 62 years.  Mohamed claimed to be a direct descendant of Ishmael the son of Abraham and also claimed to have received his first “revelation” from Archangel Gabriel  in 610 CE at age 40, while meditating alone in the desert.

Mohamed’s first “message” was received in 610 while in a meditative trance. At that time, his “revelations” were accompanied by mysterious seizures.  Compare this with Archangel Gabriel’s visitations to Daniel, Zechariah and Mary.  None of these people had seizures, although Daniel fell into a deep sleep because of the Supernatural Power of the Angel of God.   Rafat (2004) wrote a very informative article about the nature of the angelic visitations and revelations received by Mohamed.

In 620 (threescore),  Mohamed claims to have ascended to heaven from the site of the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. He claims to have met the other prophets such as Moses and to have received the Pledge of War. Therefore, as early as 624 CE, Mohamed began to conquer the Arabian Peninsula with Islamic ideology by raiding and war (sign of things to come).

Understanding prophecy – progression of Islam in the earth – historical and future patterns

Millenium Year Prophetic Interpretations
0 – 999

Mohamed & Islam fit 666=six hundred, threescore & six (Rev 13: 18).

600= Year/Year of a Millenium

Threescore = 60 = 3×20 = decades doubled.

610 = 20/2=10  OR  6 decades OR

60th year of the decade

6 = Man/Mohamed

Historical pattern of aggression:

The first 10 – 60 years of a decade  or a century


6th century

610 – 666 (threescore and six)

610 – 620 = first score of  threescore and six”. Critical events occurred.


2010 and on – pattern that will be followed if  SVG’s political alliance continues with terrorist Islamic nations.


610 –  Mohamed receives first visitation at age 40. Satan masquerades as Archangel Gabriel.

613 – public preaching about Islam. Early converts were from the families of great merchants; weak unprotected followers and persons who had either  fallen from rank OR failed to attain first rank in their tribe.  SIGNS.


620 – Mohamed receives the Pledge of War during an ascencion to “heaven”. This so called revelation gives him permission to dominate nations with Islam by use of  force – raids and war.

622 – 632 (part of the second score)

Mohamed migrated to Medina with his followers, began raids and conquests of nations in 624 . Muslims established the  Rashidin Empire (Mesopotamia, Persia, Roman Syria and Egypt).

628 – Ritual animal sacrifices and shaving of heads were included in the pilgrimage to Mecca.

632 – Mohamed fell ill died at age 62 = threescore years.  Most of the Arabian Peninsula had converted to Islam by this time.

632 – 750 – conquest of Jerusalem (637) and other nations continue.

1000 – 1999 1600 Use the same 666 pattern to evaluate Islam in this millinium

1990 – Jaaaamat Al-Muslimeen coup in Trinidad and Tobago. History will repeat itself because domination by force is the spirit  of Islam.

2000 – 2999

2000 – 2066

(threescore & six)

2000 – 2010

Filled with terror and aggression by Islam/Muslims.

Christianity and Judaism actively promote peace.

Why are we heading in this direction as a nation?

Break time down to decades after the order of 610.

Islam emerged i n the 10th year or 1st decade of the millennium.

Therefore 2000 – 2010 is critical for Islam (& the upcoming 2 decades)

Septermber 11th, 20012001 = A First = bombings and terror in the West are the order or priority for the era.

September = Fall – fall of American supremacy & fall of the Twin Towers which were American symbols of financial strength


11th – Twin ones. Reemphasize that terror in the West will be the focus or priority of Islam for the era. They also represent the Twin Towers which stood side by side.

The terror of Islam falls upon the Western world. There are other terror attacks in key locations such as subway stations in the UK and other nations. Prayer aborted further aircraft and subway bombings in both the UK and USA.


2007       – Nationals of Caribbean nations are implicated as suspects in JFK bombing.  Sign of things to come.

St Vincent and the Grenadines would be a very important political ally for the advancement of Islam domination of the earth.  History already has revealed the pattern that Islam follows.

3. Archangel Gabriel established the “THE LAW OF AGREEMENT  OF  PROPHECIES”  in holy scriptures. Why did the “Gabriel”  seen by Mohamed break this law?

  • Archangel Gabriel is identified by name during a visit to Prophet Daniel who had been a Jewish captive in Babylon since the first year of Nebuchadnezzar’s reign in 601. Prophet Daniel did not experience seizures, but fell into a trance because of the Power of the Angel of the Lord.
  • In 605 BC, Prophet Jeremiah had prophesied that the duration of captivity would be 70 years (Jeremiah 25: 1-12; 36).
  • During the visit to Prophet Daniel in 539 BCE, Archangel Gabriel confirmed the prophecy spoken by Prophet Jeremiah regarding the 70 year period of captivity. This is the Law of Agreement of the Prophets of God.  Once God speaks, His Word remains consistent.
  • Archangel Gabriel also spoke to Daniel about the rebuilding of Jerusalem; the coming of the Messiah, the attempted murder of the Messiah by King Herod and the destruction of Jerusalem in AD 70 (Dan 9: 24)
  • Most importantly, the Coming of the Messiah was the focus of  Archangel Gabriel’s message to Prophet Daniel. The Archangel thus confirmed the prophecies spoken by other prophets like Isaiah, David, Micah about the Messiah’s appearance (Dan 9: 24).
  • Why didn’t Mohamed’s Gabriel tell him about Jesus the Messiah? After all, Gabriel had been speaking about the Messiah for over 1000 years.

4. 461 years after visiting Daniel, Archangel Gabriel continued to confirm bible prophecies spoken about the Messiah

Archangel Gabriel again appeared in the earth about 461 years later, again bringing news about the impending birth of the Messiah. It was time for the fulfillment of the prophecies spoken by  prophets hundreds of years prior.  Again, Archangel Gabriel was consistent. He continued to confirm the Word of God spoken by the Prophets.   His visits were to:

  • A priest called Zechariah, his key purpose was to announce the birth of his son John who would be the  Messiah’s forerunner (Luke 1: 17).
  • A virgin called Mary.  Prophet Isaiah prophesied in the reign of King Ahaz that a virgin would bear the Messiah.
  • Archangel Gabriel remained consistent in His message about the Messiah – He would be the called the Son of the Highest and Son of God and would be named Jesus.  Archangel Gabriel told Mary that the conception would be by the power of God and that the child would be called the Son of God (Luke 2: 30 – 35).
  • Why would this same Gabriel suddenly d evelop amnesia about 500 years later and give Mohamed an entirely different message?
  • Why didn’t the Gabriel seen by Mohamed confirm the scriptures and prophecies that Jesus is the Messiah.

Why did the “Gabriel” who visited Mohamed give him teachings about a God contrary to those already established in the holy scriptures followed by both Jews and Christians? .

5. Bible prophets who ascended into heaven

  • Apostles Paul and John were the only Prophets in scripture who ascended into heaven. They both had out of body experiences.
  • Apostle Paul did not report much of what he had seen. However, he continued to preach the Gospel given to him by Jesus the Messiah.
  • Apostle John reported on the revelations that he had seen, but there is no controversy as to who God is. In heaven, God is worshipped by angels. Angels of God do not preach or teach messages contrary to revealed Old and New Testament scriptures.
  • Other Prophets, like Ezekiel, reported being taken in visions to various places by God. However, the Prophets did not change the identity and message of God that had been consistently given in scriptures.

6. Criminal impersonator – who is the Gabriel that appeared to Mohamed?


The truth is that Satan revealed himself to Mohamed as a god called Allah. Scriptures reveal that satan was exiled from Heaven because he tried to “usurp” God and take that place.  His strategy in the earth is to beguile humans into worshipping and serving him.  In so doing, he established a system of  ruler ship and living that is contrary to that of the True and Living God.

Scriptures reveal to us that Adam and Eve fell when Satan transformed himself into an angel of Light and beguiled them with false teachings (2 Corinthians 11: 14-15).  Satan appeared to Mohamed as an angel of Light and beguiled him with false teachings about God.  He set up the system called Islam and this system persecutes and hates Jews and Christians who are affiliated with God.  Apostle Paul, a Prophet who ascended into heaven, warned us to avoid the teachings of anyone who comes preaching “another Jesus” (2 Corinthians 11: 4). One of the deceptions of Islam is that it has references to Jesus, Moses and other Bible prophets to  fool and pacify the unwary. It is truth mixed with lies.

Archangel Gabriel, a truthful and reliable source from heaven, repeatedly confirmed that Jesus is the Messiah. By impersonating Archangel Gabriel, satan’s intention is to turn people away from the faith and to lead them into to hell. Jesus the Messiah came to point humans to God and is the only Way, the Truth and the Life. No one can come to God except through Him (St John 14: 6). Islam does not regard Jesus as God or the Son of God.

7. The fruit of Mohamed’s doctrine

Jesus warned us that we should pay attention to the fruit or results of the teaching of Apostles, since many of them are wolves in sheep’s clothing (Matthew 7). In my mind, one of the provoking things about Islam is its extremes. On one hand, it  teaches peace, love and brotherhood and many Muslims live by these teachings.  On the other, however, a mission of death is hidden insidiously in its doctrines.  This mission of death is reflected in the indoctrination of the young against Christians, violence, hatred, suicide bombings, that other Muslims live by (Johnson 2010).

The roots of these were in the Holy  Wars and today seen in the suicide bombings, threats against  Israel etc. Voice of the Martyrs is one of the Organizations that documents the aggression and murder of Christians by  Muslims in nations such as Iraq, Iran, Nigeria and others.

The doctrine of Islam reflects the dual nature of satan’s personality. He is a wolf in sheep’s clothing and a deceiver, thief and murderer. Islam is a dramatized in the beast of  Revelation 13 which appeared like a lamb but spoke like a dragon.


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Johnson P (2010) God will use you mightily Voice of the Martyrs