1. Warning about the implementation of  Shariah law in St Vincent and the Grenadines

The future of our nation I awoke from the most terrible dream on Sunday December 12th, 2010 at 12. 50 a.m.   I was extremely  terrified and lay on my bed praying and repenting for delaying.  As I spoke with the Lord, He told me to get up immediately and write on Shariah Law.

I now do so in obedience to the Ruler and Maker of  the heavens and the earth.  Here are the  highlights of the dream:

The dream began at Gibson Corner.  I was seated in the front seat of a mini van that was headed into Kingstown and sandwiched between two men (there were now four people in this seat in addition to the driver).

The man on my  left was seated next to the door.    He  was dark and somewhat unkempt and held a sharply filed, two edged  cutlass on his lap.  It was covered with dirt, but he had gone into much pains to keep it sharp. As we drove along, he kept placing the cutlass between the two of us.

The man on my  right was about my  complexion. He also held a cutlass, but it was out of view.

As we drove, they held a  conversation which I could not help overhearing.

Both men were speaking about having a history of  “chopping off people’s necks”.  In fact, the man on my right said that he had chopped off a woman’s neck although she had not done him anything.

The dream then moved to the courthouse, which for some reason had three stories, the third resembling an attic. The man on my left was there and he began to chop off people’s necks.   I escaped by jumping out of the window and hanging on to some kind of scaffolding, while  pleading the blood of Jesus.  Someone finally came along with a cell phone and we frantically called the police for help.  Eventually one policeman arrived after 15 to 20 minutes.

By this time, the man was in the yard, apparently trying to find a way to get to me.  I continued to plead the blood of Jesus and he fell to the ground. The policeman tried to arrest him and fell to the ground as well, overcome by some evil force being emitted by the man.

Miraculously, a metallic kind of  fish net was given to me and I threw it  down on the murderer.  Minelver J appeared in the dream and used a huge  mallet to smash in his head.

I awoke in a state of fright and began to repent for taking these two men for granted.   I asked the Lord to forgive me. He then told me that these two men were the Presidents of  Iran and Libya.

I have been extremely concerned about our alliances with these nations.  Recently, the Lockerbie bomber was released from UK prisons and welcomed home as a national hero.  A Vincentian was also killed in  that air plane explosion over Scotland.

I want readers to know that God has been speaking with me for a few days about the future implications of  our alliances with these nations. He told me that:

  1. Libya and Iran are His enemies.  There is active persecution of the Lord in these nations
  2. Iran and Libya welcome the alliance with  St Vincent and the Grenadines   because they are looking for nations that they can dominate with Islam.  In our era, Islam is the world’s greatest anti-God political and religious system,  worse than the anti God system of  Communism (See Revelation 13)
  3. Iran and Libya are terrorist nations and will use  Vincentians in terror attacks against nations considered to be enemies of Islam, Iran and Libya
  4. St. Vincent and the Grenadines will be easily overtaken by the military might of these nations. We are no match for them. Our freedom and lives will be taken away

On the eve of the elections,  I urge our leaders to IMMEDIATELY  sever  diplomatic relations with these known terrorist nations.

2. Then what is Shariah?

Shariah is the Islamic law .  It  is derived primarily from the Quran and the Sunna and the sayings, practices, and teachings of the Prophet Mohammed.   It encompasses elements such as crime, politics, economics, sexuality, hygiene, fasting, diet among others.

The dream is a revelation about the personal  involvement of these leaders in public executions and the merciless condition of their hearts.  Execution is related to an element of the Shariah justice system of  hadd crimes.  According to Johnson  (2010), there  are five hadd crimes:

  • unlawful sexual intercourse (sex outside of marriage and adultery)
  • false accusation of unlawful sexual intercourse
  • wine drinking (sometimes extended to include all alcohol drinking)
  • theft
  • and highway robbery.

Punishments for hadd offenses include flogging, stoning, amputation, exile, or execution.  The Shariah legal system makes it impossible for the criminal to escape because:

“Muslims believe the Sharia law has been revealed by God. .. Shariah courts … maintain a distinctive custom of  prioritizing oral testimony and excluding written and documentary evidence (including forensic and circumstantial evidence)…”

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