The testimony of one man

Archangel Gabriel showed me that Islam is inherently weak because it is built on the testimony of ONE man.  In contrast, the bible was written by credible eye witnesses whose testimonies agree over the centuries. From a legal standpoint, any witness in a court of law must be able to produce evidence that can be substantiated. Credibility is the most important issue and the witness needs to keep the story  consistent.

The Bible’s credibility and accuracy are unparalleled:

  • Abraham, Isaac and Jacob saw God live and direct. God reinforced the same promise that He made with Abraham and did not change any of the Promises.
  • God kept every word of His promise to keep His covenant with successive generations and did so by bringing them out of bondage in Egypt
  • History attests to the enslavement of the Jews and their deliverance from Egypt.
  • The deliverance of the Jews from Egypt was a testimony to the faithfulness of the  Word of God
  • The Jews in the wilderness saw the fire on the mountain;  cloud and heard the  voice of God; saw the cloud over the tabernacle and witnessed the miracles.
  • 70 elders saw God
  • Further recorded appearances of God in scripture are associated with His Covenant to His people   the Jews. He kept His claims even when they broke the Covenant to serve other gods.
  • Why would God break His Covenant with Abraham and give a new prophecy to  Mohamed?
  • The Jewish nation was established in 1948 BCE. Approximately 2662 years elapsed from the time Abraham to Mohamed.  During this period, God continued to show His faithfulness and to reveal Himself to the nations through Abraham’s descendants.  He revealed Himself to the Iraqis and Iranians through the Prophet Daniel. Their Kings were eyewitnesses of God’s greatness and passed laws commanding their people to worship the God of Daniel.
  • Why would God suddenly break His infallible Word to His people after more than 2 millenia of faithfulness. Furthermore, Mohamed’s claim has not been supported by Jesus, Heaven’s key witness on earth during the 33 years of His life.
  • History attests to the life of Christ. He constantly referred to and confirmed the Prophecies of Isaiah and other prophets. In so doing, He followed the “Law of Agreement” established in scripture.
  • Twelve men were chosen as the founding leaders of His church although many more followed
  • Four of these eyewitnesses consistently documented the ministry, miracles, crucifixion and death of Jesus. Their works can be cross referenced.
  • Over 500 witnesses saw Him alive after His resurrection. Apostle Paul referred people to interview those who were still alive at the time of his writings to them (1 Corinthians 15: 4-6).
  • The eyewitnesses consistently affirmed that they had seen and heard the teachings of the Messiah (2 Peter 1: 16 – 21; 1 John 1: 1 – 5).
  • Their ministries in the earth revealed the Power of the resurrected Christ.
  • God still proves His Power and existence through His Church.
  • Why would God suddenly change His Plan of Salvation in 610 BCE especially as Jesus was the seed of Abraham who had already established the New Plan of Salvation?