1. It would take weeks or years of 70 to “finish the transgression”

  • The transgressions of the nation were terrible sins and included idol worship; child sacrifice; sexual immorality; injustice and the persecution and murder of righteous men and prophets.
  • Provoked to anger, God had sent prophets to the nation over the centuries. Their response was to mock God’s messengers, despise His words and misuse His prophets until there was no remedy to appease the wrath of God (2 Chronicles 36: 16)
  • Therefore, in fulfillment of the prophetic word given by men such as Isaiah and Jeremiah, Jerusalem was destroyed and the nation taken into captivity.
  • However, God liberated the Jews from captivity in 539 BC  to  allow them to rebuild the Temple and reestablish the worship of God.
  • The Temple was finally completed in 516 BC, exactly 70 years after desolation in 586 BC.
  • Unfortunately, the nation fell back into sin after the return from captivity. Their transgressions  included the murder of  Prophet Zechariah the son of Berachias/Iddo, a man who had been instrumental in helping the Jews to successfully complete the rebuilding of the temple. The murder of this prophet was not documented in scripture, but Jesus reproached the nation for this atrocity during His final days  (Matthew 23: 35- 37;  Zechariah 1:1; Ezra 5: 1,2)
  • The Bible does not document the history of the nation following Malachi’s prophecy. God appeared to be silent. However, history reveals that  the nation fell into deeper sin during the reign of the Greek Empire.
  • The end of the nation’s transgression was the rejection & crucifixion of the Lord and the saints. Jesus had prophesied that scribes and Pharisees would  fill up the measure of their fathers by killing Him and by beating, killing and crucifying the prophets that He would send to them (Matthew 23: 31-38).
  • During the time of His Visitation, pride, hypocrisy and sin were the order of the day and the Lord berated the religious rulers for loading the people with heavy burdens while not keeping any of these laws (Matthew 23).

2. It would take 70 year periods to “make an end of sins”

Since Archangel Gabriel spoke about “the end of sins”; we need to ask when did the sins of the Jewish nation begin? This answer is found in Jesus’ reproach to the Scribes and Pharisees (Matthew 23).  The highlights of His reproof are:

  • They participated in the deaths of righteous men and prophets and would claim that they would not have joined with their forefathers in killing them. He knew that they were plotting to kill Him and would later persecute and kill the saints.
  • He called them serpents and vipers who were doomed to hell for these reasons.
  • Jesus said that their generation would pay the price for the death of the righteous men and prophets killed from the time of Abel.
  • Their sins would include the crucifixion of the Lord and death of those He would subsequently send to them (Matthew 23: 31-38).

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