The news media recently highlighted the views of a government official in the tourism department on the issue of gay tourism. I was concerned because scriptures reveal that God hates this sexual practice and set the example in scripture for male – female sexual relationships within the boundaries of marriage. I wrote this article to warn the nation about the dangers of gay tourism to our moral life and also safety as a nation.

Is there a hidden agenda in gay tourism?

 Why don’t gay tourists cruise with the rest of the cruising public? Is there a hidden agenda to desensitize poorer nations to homosexuality and lesbianism by deliberately spending larger amounts of money than other tourist groups?

Would gay tourists need or prefer gay entertainment when they enter ports of entry? After all, they are touring under the title of “gay tourist”.  Could these include, for example:

  •  Gay bars
  • Gay sex
  • Gay parties
  • Gay music
  • Gay tours
  • Gay cab drivers
  • Gay tourist guides
  • The list goes on and on

The implications are that the Vincentian population could lean to this lifestyle in order to meet the needs of gay tourists. My observation is that there is a growing tolerance for this lifestyle in the nation and the advent of gay tourism would certainly increase this problem.

 National acceptance of homosexuality and lesbianism would definitely heighten our moral decline as a nation and signal the end of our favor with God.  Furthermore, there will be a release of demonic spirits into the nation, bringing people into gay

 Gay tourism and Hurricane Ivan – Grenada’s experience

The newspaper article in the NEWS Newspaper (April 1st, 2011), gave me some startling and revealing information about the implications of gay tourism.  According to the writer, a gay cruise ship was not permitted entry into Jamaica, St, Vincent, St. Kitts and St Lucia in 2004. However, Grenada permitted entry. Grenada was totally destroyed by the ravages of Hurricane Ivan in 2004. This was clearly judgment from God. The writer also stated that the Prime Minister of Grenada will no longer accept gay cruise ships into its ports of entry – lesson learnt.

Homosexuality aggravates God to an extremely high degree.

God-fearing nations that reject this lifestyle will live.  The scriptural account of Sodom and Gomorrah reveals that homosexuals are merciless and will do anything to satisfy their lusts.  What is the hidden agenda of gay cruise lines? They are looking for new victims, new sexual experiences, spreading their agenda by spending a lot of money in poorer nations?  The lure of money is often used by homosexuals to entice disadvantaged males into homosexual activity.

Recent headlines pointing to the exploitation of students by homosexuals teachers in our schools screamed about this issue – the principle is the same.

If St. Vincent and the Grenadines promotes gay tourism, we will be agreeing with the principles and immorality of the homosexual agenda.  Our children and their descendants will be easily lured into a lifestyle that God condemns as an abomination and for which He judges nations and individuals.  

The cry of homosexuality

 As I shut down the computer, I heard the Lord telling me:

  • that there is a cry in nations that practice this lifestyle and that
  • the homosexual is a predator

 Sodom and Gomorrah  released a very a great and terrible cry to heaven. The people were predators. The cry of these cities was so great that God called the men exceedingly wicked sinners and  told Abraham that the sin was very grievous (Gen 13: 13; 18: 20 – 21).

Can you imagine that the men of the city tried to rape the Angels of God?  They had no respect for anyone. The book of Judges reveals an almost similar scenario among Israelites. The hidden sin of the men of Benjamin was revealed in their treatment of a fellow Jew (Judges 19 & 20).

 The spirit of homosexuality is one of the heartless, merciless predator.   

As gay tourists pour out of the bellies of tourist ships, are they coming to secretly prey on nations that they enter? Are there secret sex rings that no one knows about? Will children and young people be sold as sex slaves to satisfy their lust?  What about the cruel spin offs as those who work in the industry as prostitutes become predators to the poor, young and defenseless. 

As the servant of the Lord, I cry out against this heinous sin. We do not want our nation to become a dwelling place and haven for these unclean spirits. The price is not worth it. Let us fear God and trust Him to take us through hard economic times without becoming a grief to heaven.

God has kept this nation relatively stable in spite of tough times and will continue to do so if we trust and ask for His guidance.

I therefore call on our policy makers in the tourism industry to avoid this pitfall at all costs. Blessings!