• Hide And Seek – Find Jesus’ Missing Body

As we rejoice in the Lord Jesus’s resurrection, I want to review the dramatic events that took place on that day.  The events are documented in Matthew 28, Mark 16, Luke 24 and John 20.

1.  The rolling away of the stone

  •  The Angel of the Lord descended from heaven, rolled the stone from the entrance of the sepulcher then sat on it (LOL):
  • This took place early in the morning before the rising of the sun. We can infer this since the women arrived at the sunrise met Him there
  • His face looked like lightning and He wore clothing as white as snow (Mt 28: 3)
  • A great earthquake announced the rolling away of the stone (Mt 28:4)
  • The guards were so terrified that they fainted and became like dead men (Mt 28: 4)

 2. Mary Magdalene other women arrived – the Angels announced His resurrection just as they had announced His birth

  •  This group of women included Mary Magdalene, Joanna, Mary the mother of James and other women who followed Jesus’ ministry (Luke 24: 10)
  • They left home about dawn and walked to Jerusalem
  • Their mission was to anoint Jesus’ body
  • Arriving at the tomb, they saw the stone rolled away (Mt 28: 1 – 7; Mk 16: 4; Lk 24: 2; Jn 20: 1)
  • Matthew said that they saw the angel and asked for Jesus
  • Mark clarified that they entered into the sepulcher and saw two Angels sitting “on the right side” (Mark 16: 5)
  • She saw two men (angels) in shining garments sitting inside  (Lk 24: 4; Jn 20: 11-13)
  • One angel sat at the head and the other at the place where Jesus’ feet had been (Jn 20: 12)
  • They asked her why she was mourning and she answered that she wanted to see the Lord’s body (Jn 20: 13-14)
  • The angels said that Jesus had risen and invited them to “see the place where the Lord lay” (Mt 28: 6; Mark 16: 6 & 7)
  • The angel then sent the women to tell the disciples that Jesus had risen and would meet them in Galilee(Mt 28: 7)
  • The women fled in terror (Mark 16: 6)

 3. Jesus appeared to Mary Magdalene to confirm the angel’s message

  •  As Mary left the sepulcher, she saw the Lord but did not recognize Him (Jn 20: 14)
  • He revealed His identity to her, but told her not to touch Him since He had not yet ascended (Jn 20: 15-18)
  • Mary Magdalene ran to tell the disciples that she had seen the Lord (Jn 20: 15-18)
  • Matthew said that Jesus appeared to the women as they ran to tell the disciples (Mt 28: 9 & 10)
  • Mark briefly mentioned that Jesus appeared FIRST to Mary Magdalene (Mk 16: 9)

 4. Mary Magdalene  ran to tell the disciples

  •  Mary Magdalene told the disciples (Peter and John), but they did not believe (Mk 16: 9 – 11; Lk 24: 9 – 11; Jn 20: 1-2)

 5. Peter and  John investigated the women’s claims about Jesus’ resurrection

 Only Apostles Luke and John documented the men’s involvement in the scenario

  • Peter ran to the sepulcher (Lk 24: 12)
  • John the beloved outran him and arrived first. He looked in and saw the linen clothes but did not enter (Jn 20: 3-6 )
  • Simon Peter entered the sepulcher and saw indeed that Jesus body was missing, saw the linen clothes and head wrap (Lk 24: 12; Jn 20: 3 -7)
  • They returned home in amazement (Lk 24: 12; Jn 20: 10)

 Jesus made other appearances to them. Read the rest in the Gospels.

Halelujah! He is Risen!