At the time of the Book of Revelation, Laodecia was a wealthy Roman city which was famous for its woollen fabrics and sandals.  The city was also a hub for the Roman aqueduct system. Laodicea was inhabited at the beginning of the church era by indigenous SyriansGreeks, Romans, and a Jewish colony  ( and was also a chief city of Phrygia.

The church of Laodecia was mentioned five times in the letters of Apostle Paul. Brothers  Epaphras (Col 4: 13) stands out as laboring fervently in prayer for the brethren while  Nymphas (Col 4: 15) hosted a gathering of believers in his house. Apostle Paul’s letter to the Colossian brethren also indicated that there was a close relationship between the churches of  Colosse and Laodecia.

Today, Laodecia is a pile of ruins.  Have a great day.