1. Esau the son of Isaac was a black man

We have been exploring  the rich heritage of  Black people in the bible from the time of the creation of Adam.  Today we will speak to the revelation that Esau the son of Jacob was a black man. He was “red” or ‘admoniy like his forefather Adam:

And the first came out red (H 132/’admoniy) , all over like an hairy garment; and they called his name Esau (Genesis 25: 25).    

Admoniy is the same Hebrew word used to describe  the young David.   We have previously cross referenced  admoniy  and discovered that it comes from the hebrew word for Adam. Adam’s name is a direct reference to his identity as a black man.

Since Esau was a black man, we can safely come to the conclusion that Isaac his father was also a black man.  This pattern was seen in David and Solomon who were both ruddy men.  Obviously the founding members of the Jewish race were black people.


2. Moses’ wife was an Ethiopian woman – he had black children

We always assume that Moses was a Caucasian man, however he was a black man.  His siblings became angry that he had married an Ethiopian woman and railed against him. Was this because she was black? No they were angry because she was not Jewish. His siblings were rather unfair and had used  the nationality of Moses’ as an excuse to overthrow him from leadership of the nation. They had forgotten that forty years earlier he had fled a long way from Egypt in the North to Ethiopia in the south, never expecting to return to his people:

And Miriam and Aaron spake against Moses because of the Ethiopian woman whom he had married: for he had    married an Ethiopian woman (Numbers 12: 1).


We have seen some  racial biases in scripture against people whose skin was darker than Adam’s and this is one other example. The Ethiopians were so dark in complexion that even  Prophet Jeremiah asked whether or not the Ethiopian could “change his skin”  (Jeremiah  13: 23).

We learnt previously that the Ethiopians were the descendants of  Cush and that  they were black (in comparison to ruddy or bronze).  Reading between  the lines, we see that Noah was also a black man and that the early inhabitants of the post flood earth were black!