1. Introduction

I wrote some time ago about Secret 1 to the Garden of Eden. This is a follow up post on Secret 2 to the Parable of the Garden of Eden and it is designed to explain the mystery further:

2. Vines were grown in gardens called vineyards

The second secret to understanding the Parable of the Garden of Eden is that vines were grown in gardens called VINEYARDS. King Solomon said that he:

“went down into the garden of nuts to see the fruits of the valley,

[and] to see whether the vine (gephen) flourished, [and] the

pomegranates budded (Solomon 6: 11).

Other references can be found in Genesis 40: 10; Deuteronomy 32: 32; Judges 9: 12 & 13 and Solomon 2: 13.


3. The meaning of “vine” in scripture

There are 55 references to \”vine\” or gephen in scripture. Vines or grapes referred to:

a. Nations and people

  • The grapes of Sodom and Gomorrah were bitter like bile (Deuteronomy 32: 32).
  • The fruit referred to their sinful livestyles
  • A wife who bore children was like a fruitful vine (Psalm 128: 3)
  • God compared the inhabitants of the earth to a vine which would be judged in His winepress (Revelation 14: 18 & 19)

b. Israel

  • The nation of  Israel was compared to a vine which God brought out of Egypt and to whom God gave the land of  Canaan (Psalm 80: 8 & 14; Jeremiah 6: 9;)
  • God rebuked Israel for becoming a strange vine when they rebelled (Jeremiah 2: 21)
  • God said that Israel had become an “empty vine” because of idolatry (Hosea 10: 1)

d. Jesus the True Vine or Tree of Life ***

Jesus painted a picture of Himself being the Tree of Life or life giving vine when  He said, “I am the true  vine and my father is the husbandman or gardener”  (John 15:1).  In the picture:

  • Jesus is a Tree in a garden
  • Believers are depicted as branches
  • The branches or believers must remain attached to the vine in order  to bear the fruit of God or the Fruit of the Spirit.
  • Production of the fruit of the Spirit is the only way that believers will remain alive spiritually.
  • Production of the fruit of God is dependent on “abiding” in Christ, which means to obey His Word.
  • Jesus said that He said that He would disconnect and burn unfruitful branches which do not produce the fruit of God in their lives.

While there was a real Tree of Life in the Garden of Eden,  the Tree of Life also referred to Christ who taught  Adam and Eve.  God really did disconnect them and cast them out of the garden when they sinned.

Here is the Revelation. The Garden of Eden speaks about the origin of nations and people, Israel and Jesus the Tree of Life. 


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