1. Why am I exposing Satan as a homosexual?

I am writing this post because I am really tired and exasperated with the deliberate rebellion of nations against the natural law and order of God in relation to sexual relationships.  I was listening to a televised newscast when to my horror, a very elegantly dressed elderly woman representing an international organization urged nations to ban laws against buggery. In the same breath, she said that over seventy nations have legalized same-sex marriages and that other nations should respect the rights of those who chose to engage in same-sex marriage.

While the term “buggery” indeed refers to anal penetration, the elegantly dressed lady made a sweeping call for elimination of the laws on buggery in order to favor same-sex marriage. She failed to speak about the victims of  rape related buggery.   Do you see the danger?

Do not get me wrong now! I stand with the Word of God which strongly condemns same-sex relationships in any form – whether homosexuality or lesbianism.

Subsequent to this newscast, Archangel Gabriel asked me to write this post exposing Satan as a homosexual.

2. I saw Satan

It was sometime in 2007 and I was  in my usual place in a public library in the USA.  There were angels on guard at various computers around me. Satan came in to the Library one day in the form of  a young, black man about twenty-seven years old.  He looked effeminate – dressed in brown leggings, calf high brown boots, turtle neck sweater, a winter coat and brown hand bag which he held over his hands  like the lady in the picture below.  He walked about like a woman and his  short black hair was the only indication that he was male.

Accompanying him was a black individual of similar age and attire.  The individual looked  like a female and had thick natural black hair which was parted in two and plaited or braided in two thick plaits on each side of the head.  Satan and his companion behaved like a couple in an intimate relationship.

I was accustomed to Satan appearing in different forms and did not bother with him as I was busy writing this blog.

The next day Satan appeared again with the individual.  They were both similarly dressed.  This time the individual was sitting at one of the computers and I had to approach that area for some reason. The individual began to speak with Satan. To my horror, the voice was  deep  and undoubtedly masculine. Satan’s “girlfriend” was actually a man!

I then began to really pay attention. I yelled at him in the spirit – “Satan, don’t come back here dressed like that and with that individual”.  Next day he turned up still looking effeminate but not as terrible as the previous days.

See the confusion! Satan appeared as a man who looked and behaved like a woman. To top it off, he was in a relationship with a male demon who dressed and behaved like a woman!

Satan is embarrassed that I would expose him in this manner, but the truth will make you free. Would it help you to know that at another time I saw two demons – female and lesbian.  I was on the subway and they came into the carriage that I was in – sort of “posing”  in an attempt to gain my attention. I started to plead the blood of Jesus. When the train made another stop, they literally “pelted” through the door, making their escape with full speed ahead.

These encounters may sound unbelievable to you, but they are true.  I  do not write about my live encounters unless instructed because he does not deserve so much air time.  I pray that this post will expose the spirit of  Satan the antichrist and the way he operates to deceive the nations into rebelling against the laws of God which ban same-sex relationships.