1. New  technique for building  Doctrine – Match  Truth with Related Truth

In the previous post we studied the technique for Building a House of Truth.  Today, Gabriel wants me to write about Matching Truth with Related Truth. This is the Technique or principle for Interrelating truth.

Matching Truth with Related Truth is really Concept Mapping (or at least a continuation).

This is so because there is no height, depth, width or end to God’s infinite truth:

O the depth of the riches both of the wisdom and knowledge of God! how unsearchable [are] his judgments, and his ways past finding out! (Romans 11: 33).

With the help of God, I will attempt to match Truth that is related to the Ministry of the Apostle. 

2. Related Truth – the Apostle and Dominion

Rulership or dominion in the natural and spiritual realm is one of the elements of the role of the Apostle.  While every believer has dominion in the natural and spiritual realm, the Apostle is  highly advanced in exercising this God – given privilege.

The Precept of Dominion concept can either be taught as an element of the Apostle’s ministry,  or taught separately:


What is dominion?

Elements of dominion – further explanation

Apostles subdue natural and invisible elements.

Dominion through the Blood of Jesus


a. The meaning of dominion

Exercise dominion –  what it means to bind demonic activity 

Principles of binding and loosing

How to bind/arrest demonic activity

b. The Power of our God

All power belongs to God

Know that demons are afraid of  the God family

Know the terror of your God

Pass judgments on satan and his demons

Follow the angels’ strategies for winning

Follow the example of the God family

c. The believer’s authority

Use your authority over satan

Prayer dethrones wicked spirits ruling in high places

Establish a high place of worship to God

Remain connected to God

Ruling through internet technology


Infiltrate hell’s territory 

What is a stronghold?–  saints pulled them down

More examples of strongholds 

Four keys for casting down the strongholds of hell

The content is not exhaustive.  I invite you to read more in the related categories of Spiritual warfare and rebuking the devil. Blessings on you!