Pictures of  the Jesus in the  Old & New Testaments

The stone
The stone with seven eyes
The meaning of the horns on the Lamb
The horns on Jesus the Lamb


Jesus is God 

Jesus is the brightness of God’s glory

Jesus is the image of God

Jesus is the express image of God


Jesus is God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit

Jesus is God the Father, Son (the only member of the God family referred to as Son) and God the Holy Spirit.  Daniel and Apostle John and the Gospels referred to Him as Son of Man in order to explain that He was God who came in human flesh.

Meantime, Heaven referred to Him as SON of God (as early as Isaiah 9: 6) in order to explain that He was not born from a human man.

Archangel Gabriel described the Holy, sinless Child

Jesus the Holy Spirit lived in a body of Flesh while in the earth  

More explanation on Jesus is the Holy Spirit

More on Jesus is Father, Son and Holy Spirit

Jesus in the Old Testament – He is Eternal God

Jesus was prophetically called the Son of God

Jesus is called the Son of God by other Family Members and Angels

We shall be like Him


He came to earth and lived as a man -THE GOD – MAN

Jesus the man was really God in a body of flesh

Why is Jesus called The Only Begotten Son of God?

Jesus came in the “form of God”

Jesus came in “the likeness of men”

Jesus was born “in the fashion of a man”

Examples that show that Jesus “was found in fashion as a man” –


Jesus’ Lifestyle

Jesus the child

He is the Beloved Son of  God

Lifestyle – He had no place to lay His head?

Lifestyle – sell all you have

Lifestyle – pay taxes from a fish 

Lifestyle – taxes

Lifestyle – was Jesus rich?

He had a busy ministry

False accusation – He was NOT a  homosexual – testimony of the Jews

Lord Jesus’ relationship with Mary Magdalene – she was NOT His lover



Jesus is Melchizedek