Reminder about “The Antichrist denies the Father”

In the previous post,  we began to study the Greek word Patēr (G 3962) in an attempt to fully understand Apostle John’s statement that the antichrist denies the Father.  At this point of revelation, we understand that “the spirit of the antichrist denies everything about God the Father:”

Who is a liar but he that denieth that Jesus is the Christ? He is  antichrist, that denieth the Father (G3962/patēr) and the Son.

Whosoever denieth the Son, the same hath not theFather (G3962/ patēr) but he that acknowledgeth the Son hath theFather (G3962/ patēr) also.  (1 John 2: 22 & 23).


We began to see from scripture that the antichrist spirit denies that:

  1. there is a Father/God in heaven.
  2. the nature and character of God the Father.
  3. there is a need to claim God as Father or follow His Ways.


The antichrist does not claim God as Father or follow His Ways

  • In confirmation of 1 Jn 2: 22 & 23, we see that the Spirit of the Father does not speak through anyone with the antichrist spirit – Matthew 10: 20.
  • Those with the spirit of the antichrist speak through the power of unclean spirits  – Revelation 16: 13.
  • the antichrist spirit does not confess God before humans – Matthew 10: 32 & 33.
  • Unlike Lord Jesus and the saints, the antichrist spirit does not refer to the True and Living God as Father. Another god is worshipped – Matthew 11: 26, 27.
  • the antichrist spirit curses the True and Living God and does not honor Him – Matthew 15: 4.
  • Jude described the disrespect of the devil, the originator of the antichrist spirit,  towards the dignitaries of heaven – verse 8.
  • the antichrist spirit is characterized by false religion which teaches the commandments of men. The disciples reported to Lord Jesus that the Pharisees had become offended at His teaching about their pretensive words to God. Lord Jesus replied that they were plants which the Father/Patēr had not planted.
  • Those with the antichrist spirit do not receive revelation from God the Father – Matthew 16: 17.
  • The spirit of the antichrist does not care whether or not its followers perish, but rather encourages them to die for various reasons in order to gain entrance to eternal life – Matthew 18: 14.
  • Real life examples include cults in which members willingly die by mass suicide, suicide bombings to name a few.
  • Hatred and not forgiveness is a characteristic of the antichrist spirit. One manifestation is by the hatred and murder of Jews and Christians – Matthew 18: 35.

Blessings and more to come.