How can a believer prosper in agapē?

Apostle John commended Gaius in his letter by saying that he prospered in charity (agapē) to the brethren and strangers – 3 John 1 – 6.


You will see that love Agapē  is an attitude of goodness directed to God and to others. 


Agapē is an attitude towards God in which the believer prospers in:


  • possessing the love of God.
  • obedience to the Word of God.
  • the unswerving love of Christ.
  • the labor of love (agapē) as demonstrated by the Church of Thessalonica – 1 Thess 1: 3.
  • Laboring  (kopos/koptō) in love (agapē) even though love is hard and accompanied by tears, trouble and lamenting. Love for God and His saints is difficult and requires committment. 

Agapē is an attitude towards the saints and to other people in which we prosper in: 

  • showing love to the unworthy.
  • the unchanging love of Christ.
  • showing genuineness – being without pretense.
  • doing good to others.
  • praying for others.
  • considering the impact of our actions on others.
  • showing meekness and long – suffering.
  • avoiding  envy, boasting and pride.
  • being rooted like a tree and grounded (have a strong foundation) in love/agapē – Eph 3: 17.
  • Living a sacrificial life filled with love/agapē, following the example of Christ. He loved us and offered himself as a sacrifice for us…Eph 5: 2.
  • abounding/overflowing/abundant love  – Phillipians 1: 9.
  • increasing and abounding in love one toward another…toward all men… as we do toward you. 1 Thess 3: 12.
  • the comfort or consolation of #love (agapē) – being likeminded and having the same love (agapē) that Apostle Paul had for the brethren – Phil 2:1 & 2.
  • love which is the bond/cord of perfection (teleiotēs/root teleios) between the saints. This is a sign of maturity, understanding and completness and is pleasing to God – Col 3: 14.


Benefits of Love

It protects the vital organs from injury. Love prevents bitterness and grudging which can kill the spirit:


  • 1 Thess 5: 8. Put on the breastplate/thōrax of love.
  • Causes believers to honor those who are our leaders in the Lord’s work…and to show them great respect and … agapē because of their work. 1 Thess 5:12 & 13.
  • Encourages the leadership to give thanks – we can’t help but thank God for you, because your faith is flourishing and your love (agapē) for one another is growing –  2 Thess 1: 3.