1. Are Demons Taking Over Students At Bequia School?

This was the alarming caption in this  week’s front page of the SEARCHLIGHT Newspaper.  The situation is so alarming that the Ministry of Education is expected to dispatch Psychologists to Bequia Community High School to deal with the issue.

The newspaper article indicates that the Ministry of Education of St. Vincent and the Grenadines was investigating the issue and has not yet released an official report on the issue.  It appears  that a teacher and thirteen students at the school began to display strange behavior on Wednesday this week.


2. Strange behaviors exhibited

These behaviors included:

  • loud screaming.
  • talking in unusual tones of voices.
  • pointing to the cemetery and saying that they were to go there.
  • telling a Pastor to “shut up”
  • telling the Pastor “you cannot touch us”
  • speaking in perfect United Kingdom English, something to which they are totally unaccustomed.

One of the students allegedly attributed the problem to the song Uncle Demon, by Jamaican Dancehall Artiste Tommy Lee. Apparently, this song is popular on the vans which transport them to the School.

According to the SEARCHLIGHT, one of the students pointed to one of the vans and said that, “this is the van I got this thing from”.


3. Are these behaviors manifestation of demonic activity?

This report has both saddened and angered me, because this report clearly indicates demonic activity that was brought about through the song Uncle Demon.

One of the key facts about demonic activity is that the victim manifests the behavior of the demon that is affecting them.  I warned in last’s week’s post about the potential effects of this song. I was not aware that it is popular in the island


4. Correction – A legion consists of over 6000 demons 

I just decided to look up the meaning of Legion in the Greek and discovered that we are actually warring against more than six thousand demons.

When the  demons in the possessed man referred to themselves as Legion,  they were making a comparison with a Legion of Roman soldiers:

a legion is a body of soldiers whose number differed at different times. In the time of Augustus seems to have consisted of 6826 men – that is 6100 foot soldiers, and 726 horsemen (Strong’s in blueletterbible.com).


5. Similarities between the behavior of the victims and the man possessed with the Legion of demons

References from Matthew 8: 28 – 34;   Mark 5: 2 – 17   &   Luke 8: 26 – 39.


a.   Association with a place of death and destruction

  • The demon possessed man lived in the cemetery (Mark 5: 3).
  • the victims indicated that they must go to the cemetery.

b.  Crying out

  • The demon possessed man spent his days and nights in the cemetery and in the mountains crying. This was no ordinary crying.  Krazō  is  the Greek word used in the text for crying. It involves loud crying and screaming:

And always, night and day, he was in the mountains, and in the tombs, crying (krazō/G2896) , and cutting himself with stones (Mark 5: 5).

  • The victims exhibited loud screaming.


c.  Talking with the voice and personality of the demon.

  • The man met Jesus as he entered the coasts and THE DEMONS NOT THE MAN, spoke to him:

And cried with a loud voice, and said, What have I to do with thee, Jesus, [thou] Son of the most high God? I adjure thee by God, that thou torment me not.

For he said unto him, Come out of the man, [thou] unclean spirit

And he asked him, What [is] thy name? And he answered, saying, My name [is] Legion: for we are many.

And he besought him much that he would not send them away out of the country (Mark 5: 7 – 10).

  • The victims spoke in unusual tones to the Pastor and they were also disrespectful.
  • and the chief vocal demon or ruling spirit spoke in the plural, indicating that there are more than one.


d.  The demon possessed man behaved as if he was crazy.

The demon possessed man behaved as if he was totally out of his mind. In fact, his behavior changed after  Jesus cast of the demons. The writers said that the people became afraid when they saw him “sitting … clothed, and in his right mind” (Mark 5: 15).

Other manifestations include:

  • fierce behavior.
  • superhuman strength.
  • self-mutilation or cutting
  • wandering restlessly in the cemetery and mountains.
  • being driven by the devil into the wilderness – a dry place (Luke 8: 29).

The victims in the scenario are being driven to the tombs.


6. How should the nation deal with the problem?

Jesus said that these demons will come out by prayer and fasting. These victims need assistance from combined intercessory national effort. I say this because the problem is a national one.

I call on believers in Jesus to speak the Word of God over these individuals and over the nation.  You do not have to be present where they are. The Word of God is like the wind. It will accomplish the purpose once it is released.

Secondly, I CALL ON THE AUTHORITIES TO BAN THIS SONG.  It is very popular and also extremely dangerous.

The demons have only manifested certain elements of their character in this scenario. However, in the previous post titled  Dancehall Artiste Tommy Lee And The Hidden Messages In His “Uncle Demon” Song,  I wrote that robbery has already been manifested in another situation.

I call on Vincentians to wake up to the fact that the demonic world or DARK SIDE is being presented to the nation in a multitude of ways – in cartoons, music, film, cult, symbols, chants, spells to name a few.

We must refuse to open up our homes and lives to demonic influence because this is nothing but a life of torment.

Finally, I offer my support in praying for these individuals.

Blessings and peace.