“Pornographic, Violent Movie On SVG Television” were the words Archangel Gabriel asked me to write as a complaint. It was Monday, 17th December 2012 and sometime between 9 – 10 p.m.  I was surfing through the television channels, moving forward from BBC news (Channel 6) when I got to Channel 9.

My attention was arrested because the movie scene showed an unpainted room with an anterior  wall that did not reach the ceiling. Steam was emanating from the room, I think, if my memory is accurate. The room was occupied by about four men, whose naked, upper bodies were shown. I thought they were in a bath house in Greek or Roman times, so I stopped.

A big, rough-looking man came into the room, at which time the camera was directed to the fact that all of the men wore white bath towels around their waists. As he entered, two or three of the men hurried out of the room, leaving one of them behind. At that time, I realized that this might have been a prison and began to feel uncomfortable as I began to see what was happening.

The big man threw a white object unto the floor and told the remaining occupant to bend over and pick it up. At that time I moved away,  feeling that the movie was about to show an attempted rape.

Archangel Gabriel asked me to write because of  heaven’s hatred for homosexual and same-sex relationships of a sexual nature.  The movie scene  that I saw were highly suggestive, insinuating an attempted buggery or rape of a man by another man.

Why is Archangel Gabriel aggravated?

  1. Heaven hates homosexuality and through actions, reveal that it is a crime punishable only by death. 
  2. All three members of the God family visited earth to personally investigate the sin of Sodom and Gomorrah because its cry was great.
  3. Two members of the God family were accosted by the men of  Sodom and Gomorrah who attempted rape, not knowing that the rulers of Heaven and Earth were their target.
  4. Through insinuation, people were being educated on how to potentially commit an act of buggery.
  5. Members of the viewing audience were being desensitized about buggery, even if the act never took place in the movie.
  6. This movie should never have been shown on public television and even worse, at such an early hour when young children are usually part of the television audience.

I hear Archangel Gabriel saying that heaven is calling on SVG Television to be responsible citizens.

This should have been posted on  Wednesday 19th December, and I repent for the delay. Vincentians pray!