St. Vincent and the  Grenadines has been hit over the past few weeks on issues related to Harlequin Resorts/Buccament on the Bay. The information in the media is eye-popping and certainly worthy of headline news. I am writing for two reasons:

a. Archangel Gabriel has asked me to write about the issue.

b. I am tired of the victimization of the Vincentian working class.

Re: Alleged bribes taken by the Prime Minister of St. Vincent and the Grenadines

Archangel Gabriel told me last week and has continued to repeat, that the Prime Minister of St. Vincent and the Grenadines did NOT take any bribes from David Ames of Harlequin Resorts/Buccament on the Bay.    

Gross disrespect of British Broadcasting Corporation reporters  displayed  to the Prime Minister of St. Vincent and the Grenadines

While British Broadcasting Corporation reporters took the time to interview the leader of the Opposition in his home on Wednesday 13th February 2013 (The News,  February 22nd p 3), the same due respect was not given to our Prime Minister.

The Prime Minister of St. Vincent and the Grenadines was accosted on a LIAT airplane while on route to a Caricom Heads of Government meeting in Haiti (The News,  February 22nd p 1 & 33). Indeed, I too would have held up LIAT in order to report the issue.   St. Vincent and the Grenadines holds major shares in LIAT and the Prime Minister had a right to delay the flight since he has an emergency.  

Archangel Gabriel reproves the British Broadcasting Corporation for this display of gross disrespect.

Can any British reporter accost the British Prime Minister or any other European Head of Government in this manner? Their security services would arrest you!  You are out of line!

As a citizen of St. Vincent and the Grenadines, I am calling the British Broadcasting Corporation and the Government of the United Kingdom to repair this issue. 


White “Supremacy” and victimization of the working class employees at Buccament on the Bay

“I am weary of this situation”, is what I hear heaven say. It is time for someone in authority to intervene on behalf of employees of Buccament on the Bay who have to wait months before they are paid in most instances.

I  met an employee who told me that he could not even send his children to school because of non – payment of his salary.

Who will stand up for poor people and poor people children in this country?

I am calling on someone in authority to stand up and help. Enough is enough.

As far as I can recall, investments like Buccament on the Bay were supposed to create employment and generate  income for  Vincentians.  What is the point if the employees go unpaid for months? Somehow this situation reminds me of slavery days when the slave worked for nothing.

This is a situation of gross disrespect of the working class. Can Harlequin Resorts do this injustice in another country?

I have been hearing the cries of people who have been suffering, unable to pay their mortgages and other bills because of this situation.

I know of one employee who was on the verge of losing his house. He told me Buccament on the Bay was to blame. This man also has a number of children. I don’t know how he was making it. 

This cry has reached heaven and God is displeased. Please help. Help us Lord. 

All I can do is talk and pray that someone (who will that be?) in authority will intervene on behalf of the employees.

Blessings, peace and angelic prosperity.