1.   After Wild Grapes were produced in the Garden, then what?

In today’s post we will explore The destruction of the Garden Of Eden as revealed in Isaiah 5.  In the previous post, “There Was A Winepress In The Garden Of Eden,” I wrote that the wild grapes of sin were produced in the Garden.

Father God responded in anger to the rebellion of His children Adam and Eve by:

  • taking away the hedge.

  • causing it to be eaten up.

  • breaking down the wall.

  • causing it to be trodden down.

  • Father caused it to become a waste place.

  • caused thorns and briers to grow there.

  • and caused it to become a dry, barren place – a desert (Isaiah 5: 5 & 6).

2. “What could have been done more to my vineyard that I have not done in it”

This means that Father God had taught Adam and Eve all they needed to know and yet they rejected His teaching.

3. Father said that He would take away the hedge

Father God took away the hedge or fence from the Garden of Eden. To this day, no one knows the geographic location of the Garden of Eden.

I believe, however, that THE LAND OF ISRAEL is the Garden of Eden. Satan is still trying to destroy it. 

4. God said that He would “lay it waste: it shall not be pruned, nor digged

He expelled Adam and  Eve and they were unable to care for it.

5. Briers and thorns would grow instead

The Garden of Eden produced briers and thorns in keeping with the curse that resulted from sin. Briers and thorns are also symbolic of  false prophets and demonic oppression of the human race.

6. The condition of the Garden of Eden after Adam and Eve were expelled

Figuratively speaking, the Garden of Eden became a desolate place, no longer inhabited by its citizens.  This was revealed in a prophecy in which  Isaiah compared desolate Israel to a Vineyard whose women would be deserted like an abandoned cottage in a vineyard and a lodge in a garden of cucumbers (Isaiah 7 & 8).

With its people gone, the Garden of Eden became desolate. Fruitful vineyards or gardens were found where people lived and built houses (Isaiah 65: 21; Jeremiah 39: 10; Ezekiel 28: 26).


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