Ezekiel’s Temple

  Heavenly Temple

New Jerusalem

Eden and the Garden of Eden  are  located Eastward:Then the LORD God planted a garden in Eden  in the east, and there he placed the man he had made.

And Jehovah God planteth a garden in Eden, at the east, and He setteth there the man whom He hath formed (Gen 2: 8)

Was planted in a fruitful hill  – refers to children and  descendants (Isaiah 5: 1)

The geographic locations of Israel, Jerusalem and the Temple Mount are almost parallel:Israel is 31º 30´ North  &  34º  45´East.  (greenwichmeantime.com).

Jerusalem is located in the North East of Israel. It is 31° 47′ 0″ North and 35° 13′ 0″


Mt Zion/Jerusalem is on the sides of the north (Ps 48: 2).

The Temple Mount in Jerusalem is located in the North East of Israel. It  is 31° 46′ 40″ North and  35° 14′ 08″ East (almost a replica of Jerusalem’s location)

In heaven – sinners will not enter (Rev 21: 2) The angel took John to a great and high mountain, and showed him that great city, the Holy Jerusalem descending from God out of heaven (Rev 21: 10).

The New Jerusalem is a radiant city, like the rarest jewel, like a jasper, clear as crystal (Rev 21:11).

City and street of pure gold, as clear as glass  (Rev 21: 18 & 21)

Eden was a place of worship and prayerRepresented by the tower in the vineyard Ezekiel’s vision of the Temple:

  • 25th year of exile in Babylon
  • New Year – 10th Abib (April) – day the Passover Lamb was chosen for the sacrifice.
  • He was taken in visions to Israel and placed on a high mountain   from which he could see Jerusalem
  • saw an Angel measuring the dimensions of the Temple (Eze 40)
  • He was taken to the East gate & the glory of the Lord entered by the East gate (Eze 43)
  • The Lord told him that the Temple (East) was “the place of my throne and the place for the soles of my feet”  (Eze 43: 7).
  • Angels worship at the throne.

  • Saints worship. pray and sing here (Rev 4 & 8; 14: 3)

  • Judgments came from the book located at the throne. There is a temple in heaven from which judgments originate (Rev 11: 19; 14: 15-20; 15: 5 – 8; 16)

  • The pattern from which Moses’  temple was taken – Heb 8: 5

  • Intercession here – Rev 8

  • Martyred Saints pray under the altar – Rev 6: 9.

  • Revealed in Book of Hebrews
God will dwell with us.We will walk and talk with God, like Adam and Eve did (Rev 21: 22).
Eden is located in the East – place where God fellowshipped with Adam and Eve in the cool of the dayEast represents sunrise; Worship, Presence of the Lord/Divine  Visitation Angel started  measuring the temple at the EAST gate (Eze 40:6)
 Parallels  from Ezekiel’s vision:The Garden of Eden, located East, represented the place of Divine Visitation because  God would worship with Adam and Eve here.

God placed a Guardian  Angel at the East Gate after the fall –  the place where He would enter the Garden

Jesus was born in the East, Israel – Earth’s Divine  Visitation. The people sitting in darkness saw great light

The front of the temple faced the east (Eze 47: 1).

  • After measuring, the angel took Ezekiel to the east gate.
  • The glory of the Lord came from the East – the land became radiant with His glory
  • The glory of the Lord entered the temple through the East gate. 
  • God said that the temple was “the place of my throne and the place for the soles of my feet.
  • All the surrounding area on top of the mountain will be most holy (Eze 43: 4, 7 & 12)

  • The east gate  was to remain shut because God had entered there (Eze 44:2)
  • The gate of the inner court facing east was to be shut on the six working days (Exe 46: 1).
  • The people were to worship the Lord at the EAST gate on the    Sabbath (Eze 46: 1-3)
Had 12 gates of pearls – 3 each on the North, South, East and West respectively.   Each gate is guarded by angels.Each gate is named for each tribe of  Israel (Rev 21: 20)
 Eden had boundaries – North,  South, East and West  Ezekiel’s temple had four gates – North, South, East, West. A wall of jasper (Rev 21: 18) …with 12 gates named for the apostles (Rev 21: 14).These Gates are never shut (Rev 21: 25)
Square (Rev 21: 16)
 Eden was enclosed. It had an EAST side (Gen 3: 24).God placed a cherubim EAST to block the expelled Adam and Eve after they sinned Yes. Holy was separated from the unholy (Eze 43: 20).The boundaries were given to Moses and Ezekiel (Numbers 34; Eze 47: 13-23) Yes. No sin there Yes. The angel measured them
Earth has a foundation (Ps 24: 1) Ezekiel’s Temple had a foundation  (Eze  41: 8) Foundations are decorated with all kinds of jewels (Rev 21: 19)
  • River Pison went to Havilah (circle). Possibly Ganges in India.

  • Gihon encompassed the land of Ethiopia. Possibly Nile

  • Hiddekel/Tigris went to the east of Assyria

  • Euphrates

(Gen 2: 13 & 14)

  • Water flowed out from the entrance of the temple toward the EAST.

  • These waters went to the east country  
  • (Eze 47: 1,2 & 8)
  • Waters also flowed down from under from the right side of the house, at the south [side] of the altar (Eze 47: 1).
  • Supplied the south as well
  • The river increased in volume as it went to the EAST  (Eze 47: 3-5)
  • The waters were healing (Eze 47: 8)
Sea of glass in front of the throne (Rev 4: 6)

There are living fountains of waters in heaven (Rev 7:7)

A River of Life flows from God’s Throne

A pure river of water of life, clear as crystal, proceeds out from the throne of God and of the Lamb and flows through the middle of the city  (Rev  22: 1 & 2)
There was a TREE OF LIFE in the  Garden of Eden
  • Many  trees on either side of the river (Eze 47: 7).  The trees were for food, leaves for medicine; leaves  shall not fade; pests would not eat its fruit.

  • The trees would bear new fruit according to its months, because the  waters  issued out of the sanctuary (Eze 47: 12)
There is a Tree of Life on each side of the River Of Life (Rev 22: 2) The tree of life is on each side of the river.  It bears twelve kinds of fruit per month.The leaves of the tree are  for the healing of the nations (Rev 22: 2).