1. One of satan’s crafty strategies is to distort the Word of God
After speaking in chapter 3 about the Ministry of the Spirit in his era, Apostle then began 2 Corinthians 4 by saying that he would not faint since he had received the ministry of grace rather than that of the law of Moses:
But have renounced 550 the hidden things of dishonesty/aischynē/shame 152, not walking in craftiness3834, nor  handling1389 the word of God deceitfully 1389; but by manifestation 5321of the truth commending ourselves to every man’s conscience in the sight of God  (2 Corinthians 4: 2).
As I read the text, I realized that Apostle Paul had revealed the subtle strategies used by satan the serpent to deceive the first parents and eventually the human race.
2. TWO ways in which satan and his servants operate through subtilty
a. Satan and his servants practice shameful, secret things or the hidden things 2927 of dishonesty/aischynē/shame 152 .
According to the scriptures, the hidden things/kryptos/G 2927  refer to  secrets which are hidden in the spirit, things which only God can see  and  things done in secret  or in darkness.  
The things of dishonesty dishonesty/aischynē152refer to shameful practices or behaviors of people who preach from the Bible.   For example, God has prohibited some behaviors and calls them sin. Some of these are extremely grievous and provoking to the Father.
Contrary to the Word of God, however, individuals, organizations, nations, religious denomination use the Bible to justify shameful practices. One of these is homosexuality.
b. Satan and his servants operate in subtilty by handling1389 the Word of God deceitfully 1389or by enticing with the aim to kill
Doloō (G 1389) is the Greek word used in text for  handling 1389  the Word of God deceitfully. 1389  Since Doloō is used once in the King James Version, I had to examine the root word dolos (G 1388) for further explanation.   Dolos (G 1388) is used to mean
a. take Jesus by subtilty and kill him – Mt 26: 4; Mk 14: 1;
b. deceit – Mk 7: 22; Romans 1: 29
c.  guile – Jn 1: 47 (used 7 times)
d. subtilty – Acts 13: 10
Further exploration shows that Dolos (G 1388) comes from another Greek word which means to entice, beguile unstable souls and to allure through the lusts of the flesh. This is a picture of the Temptation in the Garden of Eden where the serpent twisted the Word of God in order to trap Adam and Eve.
In order to emphasize the warning about the subtilty of the serpent, Apostle Paul used TWO verbs with the same meaning in the text – HANDLING AND DECEITFULLY.   In so doing, Apostle Paul gives us a strong warning about satan’s intention or strategy.
3. Conclusion
The strategy of the serpent is to entice the human race into practicing shameful things that will lead to  destruction. He does so by distorting the Word of God.  Let us BEWARE of the devices of the adversary and use the Word of God as our defense  in the day of temptation.
Blessings, peace, angelic prosperity and protection.