I mused this morning about the spiritual deposits that were made into me by two key people. They are my mother and Bishop Sonny Williams.  My mother gave me to the Lord before birth and continued through my upbringing to put faith into me by sharing testimonies of her life and by the demonstration of praise and faithfulness to God.

I was about 11 when I had my first encounter with Bishop Williams. He was the Youth President of the Soldiers For Christ, the youth group of the Lowmans Hill New Testament Church of God.  He taught the youths the following spiritual disciplines in theory and practical.  My life was forever impacted as I independently applied them to my life through the years :

  1. Integrity and Honesty
  2. Fasting and Prayer
  3. Seeking God for the baptism of the Holy Spirit
  4. The will of God and seeking God for His Will for our lives
  5. Evangelism – the youths held Open Air Meetings in our immediate and adjacent communities and walked for miles on  Sunday evenings to fulfill the mission

I give thanks for the spiritual deposits that were made in my life by these two important individuals. I often observe youth groups and discern that the youths are quite gifted but do not seem to be connected to Father God.

I hasten to tell you that our youth group had a lot of fun. The programs were planned around the Social, Mental, Spiritual and Physical development of the individual and we were well-balanced.

I challenge parents and Youth Leaders/Pastors to ask what legacy you are leaving for those under your charge and to fulfill the mission given to you by God.

Blessings, peace, angelic prosperity and protection.


My own experience – training in ministry