1. Introduction
We learnt in the previous post that Angels of God ministered (diakoneō) to Jesus by feeding Him at the end of His temptation in the wilderness:
Then the devil leaveth him, and, behold, Angels came and ministered  (G1247/diakoneō) unto him (Matthew 4: 11).
 The scriptures are filled other with examples of the ministry of Angels to people in times of temptation. Here are several:
a. The Angel of God found Hagar at the well and instructed her how to relate to Sarah
Hagar was on her way to goodness knows where as she ran away from Sarah’s household. The Angel of the Lord, God Himself,  found her by a well in the wilderness and told her to humble herself to Sarah rather than trying to be cheeky. He also prophesied about the birth and future of the son she bore.
Hagar discovered in her time of temptation that God was the One who sees and know everything  about her (Genesis 6: 7 – 13).
b. The Angel of God revealed Himself to Hagar and saved her and Ishmael from death as they ran away many years later
Hagar and her son Ishmael found themselves in a very difficult situation when Ishmael was about twelve. They were exiled from the safety of the family nest when Ishmael mocked Sarah and Isaac on the day that Isaac’s birth was celebrated.  Lost in the wilderness and dying from thirst, she went some distance from her son so that she would not see him die.
However, the Angel of the Lord, God Himself, called  to her out of heaven and showed her a well of water which saved their lives (Genesis 21: 14 -19).
c. God revealed Himself as Jehovahjireh to Abraham in a time of testing
God tested Abraham’s obedience by telling him to offer Isaac as a sacrifice. Just before the deed was done, God, in the form of the Angel of God, called to stop Abraham and to show him a ram caught in the bush (Genesis 22: 1 – 14).
2. Do Angels of God still appear to humans today?
Yes they do. In 2005,  the  Father told me to write about Angels because He wanted people to know who they were.  For a few weeks, I argued with God that Angels did not appear any longer in the earth because of the wickedness of humans.
I wanted to be obedient, however, and decided to obey. At that time I lived in the USA. That same week, my thirteen year old nephew Corey V. James sent me a real account of the deliverance of a lady because of angelic protection.  I had not spoken with my nephew – he was in St. Vincent and the Grenadines.
The heavens opened and Angels and the God Family began to appear to me live and direct. This experience changed my life and now I see into the invisible realm and receive instructions and information that are beyond my natural capabilities. I can only give praise. I love you Father, the Holy Angels and Saints in glory.
I now ask the Lord to open your eyes so that you will see into the invisible realm and the invisible armies of Holy Angels around you. You shall not fear – what can man do unto you. I decree that no evil will befall you and no plague will come near your dwelling in Jesus’ name. Amen.