1. Introduction

I heard from heaven on the fate of the Vincentians who died in the flood.  I did not write dates and times, but the first conversation might have been on Christmas Day.  I first heard Archangel Gabriel say to me:  “Some of them are here with us, some of them are lost.”   I did not know and did not ask who was in heaven and who was lost.

The next time I heard from heaven, Archangel Gabriel said,   They are all here with us. We felt sorry for them.”
I next had a vsion of heaven in which I heard a flood victim say  that she was going down into hell. As she descended, she looked at the flames and said, “you mean I have to go there?”  I then heard her say that Jesus came and saved her.
2. Conversation with a friend about the fate of her father
I will now share a conversation I had on Monday 30th December 2013 with a friend who I will call Friend. The purpose is to comfort the nation. Some elements are omitted for privacy:
FRIEND: ….sum of my family is dead because of the flud
ME:         Oh my goodness. I know that you and your family are grieving. I felt these losses deeply. I want you to know that the Lord   had mercy on them.
FRIEND:  I knw I am trying to cope but I don’t knw how cause my dad died in the flod as well.
ME:          Oh my! What is his name?
ME:         My dear, I do not have the words at this time, but I just want you to know that your Father in Heaven cares deeply about your loss. That is what I hear Him say to tell you.
FRIEND:  what u talk to him?  were is he?
ME:           I talked to the Heavenly Father and heard Him say that He cares deeply about your loss.  I mean God the Heavenly Father.
ME:         like the Our Father Prayer.  
FRIEND:  yes
ME:          I see your tears.  The Heavenly Father says there is no need to cry.
FRIEND: kk I misss him.   
ME:          Yes.  He is the only father you had and a very special person to you.
FRIEND:  tell me sumthing what am I soppose to do now just pray?
ME:           Trust the Lord because He had mercy on Him. Let me tell you why.  Remember the Flood that Noah was in?
FRIEND:  yes.
ME:           K.  Well Apostle Peter shared something that Jesus did when He died and went down into hell to fix satan.  Those people who died in that flood went to hell and were there all of those days, burning in the fire.  u with me?
FRIEND: yes.
ME:         Great
ME:           when Jesus went down there, there were many people there, but He preached to the people who had died in the days of the Flood and took them out.  God was really sorry that an entire nation of people had died and gone to hell, so they got a chance to repent.
ME:           Apostle Peter told us that in 1 Peter 3: 18 – 21 and 1 Peter 4: 5 & 6    http://www.blueletterbible.org/Bible.cfm?b=1Pe&c=3&t=NIV
So anyway, Father God in Heaven told me that some of the people who died in the SVG flood were in heaven and some were lost. I did not know who went where.
FRIEND:  am I soppose to read this or listen to it. ?
ME:       This one is a read, but I have more to tell you
ME:        Later He told me that He took the rest out of hell because they were sorry for them. It seems that the Vincentians who died in the Christmas flood must have prayed for mercy as they descended into hell, which is below the earth. Jesus heard and took them out . That is what I know
ME:         It seems wild and I only said to you as you asked. I know from the scriptures that God saved people were there for a long time. However, this was one special group of people. This is not the norm.
FRIEND:   I understan


ME:            So how do you feel about it?

FRIEND:    kinda of reliefe
ME:            LOL.  You can have the firm assurance that you are saved from hell by believing in Jesus and living to please Him.  This is what the scriptures say: If you declare with your mouth, “Jesus is Lord,” and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved. – Romans 10: 10.  
If you believe the Word of God you will be saved and see your father again.
ME:            believe you me, Vincentians know enough scriptures to escape from hell and to enjoy the abundant life that God promised us. We do not have to wait until death door. Too risky.  I feel your relief.
FRIEND:  kk. I will tell them that.
ME:           No probs. Better yet, people who live all out for Father God get prizes when they get there for the things they did on earth. Can you imagine that?  They get special crowns, clothing, houses and a lot of other stuff.   People don’t know what they are missing, because Heaven is a real place, only MUCH bigger and better than earth. 
FRIEND:   I knw that.
ME:            LOL. cleaner, with lots of Angels and people who died and went there. LOL. Some people love to meet newbies and take them all over the place.  So what you gonna do about the decision to believe in the Lord to save you and give you abundant life?  He will work out your problems and give you a good life.
The conversation continued on a more personal issue.
Later, Archangel Gabriel and Jesus spoke with me about her father. They said that he cried and pleaded as he descended into hell.  At the last minute, Jesus went to him and asked what he wanted. He said, “save me Jesus.”  Jesus responded that while he was on earth, he was serving another god (Hail Selassie).   The Lord then told me that he begged for forgiveness, at which time he was rescued.
 As I end, I encourage you to believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and you will be saved. Don’t wait too late.