Father told me today is a Day of Celebration in His house. We should give double the offering we planned to give. This is 2014. On the Creation Map, 2014 is Day 7 x 2. The first 7 was the Day of Rest. The Creation was complete. We enter the Rest of God by faith in Christ.

A second seven means that there was a recreation. The earth was recreated after the flood and Noah was given the same command to be fruitful, multiply and replenish the earth. This means:

– second chance after tremendous failure
– favor extended to the planet
– new life is extended to the earth

The Flood took place in 1656. The number 6 represented the Day of Man’s Creation, God ironically destroyed the entire race in another 6 – one thousand, six hundred, fifty and six years after the creation. Fifty represented a jubilee, but the sixth year was sorrow and destruction. The next year should have been a Sabbath. Therefore, God forcibly commanded the earth to rest from its iniquity.

Noah emerged from the Ark in 1657 – with seven being the Year of Rest or Completion of the destruction; and a preparation for new beginnings.

2014 is the Year of my Jubilee, a new beginning, double for trouble. What will it be to you? He is Resurrected and this 2014 Celebration is a special one. I am giving double to God the Father – all my life, my offerings in intensity and fervous.

God bless, prosper and send Angels to guide and protect you in Jesus’ name Amen.