The disciples were in a boat in a storm and rowing hard to get to shore. He passed them on foot – going by Express. He joined them in the ship when they began to cry out in fear. Immediately, the ship was translated to the shore.

After His resurrection, Jesus came through the walls to join the disciples in the room where they were in hiding. They were terrorized. You would think He would knock at the door. Didn’t He say, “Behold I stand at the door and knock.” LOL.

After His resurrection, the Lord joined two disciples who were taking a journey on foot to Emmaus. He talked with them about the events of His death, burial and resurrection; instructed them about the related prophecies, then disappeared after they broke bread to eat a meal. This is when they realized who He was.

What was so funny? The two did not recognize Him because He had changed His appearance. They rushed back to Jerusalem to tell the others that they had seen Him. They exclaimed that their hearts had burnt within them as He walked and talked with them on the road.

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