During the early hours of the morning of Thursday 11th December, 2014, I dreamt that I was standing on the shore of the beach in Kingstown, somewhere around Rose Place. I faced the land and my back was towards the ocean.

In the dream, I was standing at the base of a powerful, huge wave of white water about 6 feet high. I could feel the force of the water, but held my right hand up in the middle of that wave, I spoke and commanded it to return in the name of Jesus. The dream then ended.

The Father assured me that St. Vincent and the Grenadines will not be affected by tsunamis and I am standing firm on His Promise. I am however, reminding Vincentians to place the Father at the center of this season. It is about Christ, although it is not really the time He was really born.

Let us remember the sad events of Christmas Eve 2013 when the nation was flooded as in the days of Noah and several Vincentians lost their lives. I therefore urge every one to take the time to worship, reflect and focus on heaven – Peace on Earth, good will to men.