Power of Prayer, Praise and the Word of God

More on the anti – God and destructive character of the 4th beast

We have already spoken about the “mercilessness, destructiveness, harshness and cruelty” of the 4thbeast/World Empire or Super Power seen in the vision by Prophet Daniel. The Prophet described the beast as dreadful and terrible. Dreadful in scripture means that this World Power caused other nations to tremble and fear.

The beast devours worldwide – breaking the bones of earth citizens into pieces (Daniel 7: 24). I noted that accused is a synonym for the original word devour (‘akal/h399). This Empire specializes in the accusation of the brethren around the world and every nation on the planet experiences its wrath as it breaks the nations into pieces and stamps or causes them to submit to the sheer force of its power:

 … a fourth beast, dreadfuland terrible, and strong exceedingly

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