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Introduction to the 4th beast of Daniel 7

The fourth beast  of Daniel 7 was so terrible that ProphetDaniel could not possibly describe its shape and structure. However, he saw that it was dreadful, exceedingly terrible and diverse from the other Empires (Daniel 7: 7 & 7: 19). The beast had large iron teeth (Daniel 7: 7) and nails like brass/H5174  (Daniel 7: 19).

The iron teeth symbolized the mercilessness, destructiveness, harshness and cruelty of this beast or Empire. Used in the context of Daniel 7: 19, brass comes from a root word which is also used to mean steel, a “strong, hard metal made of iron and carbon.” (Merriam-Webster, 2014). This is a double whammy in a sense, showing us that this Empire far supersedes the others in cruelty and harshness.

Further exploration of the root of brass, shows that…

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