A review of Apostle Peter’s prophecy

I began to explore the meaning and timing of Apostle Peter’s prophecy in the previous post titled  Apostle Peter On The Last Days.  In the text of 2 Peter 3, the Apostle warned about the coming destruction of the earth and its elements by fire. Based on my current understanding, I believe that he prophesied about the effects of climate change, a human engineered phenomenon timed with industrialization and which effects began around 1906, according to sources.

After studying the parallels in the text between the flood of Noah’s day and the impending destruction by fire, I came to the conclusion that:

  1. the earth will not be totally annihilated, but portions of it would be destroyed, leaving a remnant that would be inhabited by the righteous.
  2. As in the flood of Noah’s day, God has given the warning to allow the human race to escape. Global warming and the resulting climate change are worldwide  phenomena and nations can reduce the impact and even escape if the prophecy is heeded.
  3. To further confirm that God never really intended to annihilate the earth’s population of Noah’s day, Jesus took them out of hell when He descended there in His death.
  4. The earth is being progressively recreated in spite of the common assumption that Apostle Peter’s prophecy refers to earth’s Grand Finale. To confirm,  Archangel Michael reminded me this morning about a conversation in which He told me about the melting of the North Pole and the destruction of the Polar Bears. In the conversation, He spoke about the destruction of the earth. All I remember now is that He said that:

“God is mystical. God is always recreating the Earth.”

Final Thoughts On Apostle Peter’s Prophecies about the Last Days

As I reread Apostle Peter On The Last Days, I was shown a few important points:

  1. It is estimated that the effects of global warming began in 1906. Six is the Day of Man’s creation.  The effects began in the Sixth Year of the 19th  millennium to warn humans that this man-made phenomenon would affect the entire human race.
  2. Noah preached for about 100 or more years, possibly up to 120. If there a parallel with the timing of the onset of Apostle Peter’s prophecy and the destruction of  earth citizens by the effects of overwhelming climatic heat? We already see the devastating outcomes which include tsunamis, extreme heat conditions, frequent whirlwinds/cyclones, devastating winter storms, appearance of new deserts, floods, famine, monsoons etc. It seems that 2012 – 3014 highlighted some of these in unexpected places on the planet:
  • It took about 1841 – 1846  years before the prophecy began to be fulfilled. it is believed that Apostle Peter wrote his letters sometime between 60 – 65 AD. This would explain his warning that the prophecy would be fulfilled even if it took 1000 years, since to God, 1000 years was equal to 1 day and vice versa.
  • Let us continue the parallel. One hundred and nine years have elapsed between 1906 to 2015.  That gives us 11 more years to go before we get to 120, the possible duration of Noah’s preaching.  Eleven more years will take us to 2026.

Will there be a global heat wave in 2026 that will destroy the earth’s population? I pray that this will NEVER take place.

The question is, what is the Ark of safety into which we must escape in order to escape impending destruction by overwhelming heat?

Heaven says that nations must  take URGENT, DRASTIC MEASURES to reduce the effects of global warming and the resulting climate change. The need is becoming even more urgent as we see new and severe winter storms in places like the United States. Destruction will continue  if there is no change.

Now if the parallels must continue, we see that God commanded Noah to:

  • build a water resistant and buoyant structure that would save him and his family
  • save a proportion of the living creatures to prevent extinction
  • preserve food and take it into the ark

The Modern Day Ark of Safety could include:

  • building heat resistant homes and buildings
  • construction of cooling centers
  • development of more sophisticated weather  monitoring systems
  • going green, green spaces in cities etc
  • usage of alternate sources of fuel/energy – bio – fuel, geothermal energy, solar energy
  • changes in building codes to enhance resistance to the effects of severe weather patterns.
  • storage systems for food and seeds
  • measures to save animals and wild – life from destruction by heat
  • reforestation
  • tough laws to prevent destruction of the ozone layer
  • other

However, most importantly, there must be:

  • public education on factors which affect the ozone layer.
  • tough policy decisions locally, regionally and internationally regarding the reduction of risk.
  • as well as RAPID measures to implement change.

The parallels between the prophecies of Noah and Apostle Peter are too clear. Nations do not have much time to repair the damage. The call is URGENT. The time is NOW. 

Nations also need to repent of our anti – God laws and policies that will surely send many to hell in the destruction.  Let us turn our hearts to God and receive mercy to help in this time of GREAT NEED.


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