The offering for protection and thanksgiving

On Sunday 8th February, 2015 at 1. 44 pm, I wrote a Facebook post titled, THE MIRACLE OF THE SACRIFICIAL OFFERING.

During the wee hours of  Monday morning (9th February, 2015),  Archangel Gabriel spoke to me about the reason for the recent tragedies in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, beginning with the December 2013 flood. He said that God has been good to St. Vincent and the Grenadines by protecting the nation from hurricanes and tropical storms during the hurricane season. However, the nation has been very un – thankful.

This condition of un – thankfulness is particularly marked during December when excess funds are spent on non – essential things, including carousing, revelry and works of darkness and of  the flesh.

Archangel Gabriel told me to request the  nation to give an offering for protection and thanksgiving at the end of every year.

Total amount: $300.00.

Where: Pastor  Steve Munsey.

I asked Archangel Gabriel why the offering should be given to Pastor Munsey and not to a local church. He told me that the offering should go to Pastor Munsey because he had brought the prophecy.

He also told me to ask people to forgive debts because some debtors do not ever plan to repay.

This is the link at which the offering can be given

Angelic blessings, peace and prosperity.

Here is the Facebook status update on THE MIRACLE OF THE SACRIFICIAL OFFERING

On December 24th 2013, about 7 pm thereabouts, I listened to Pastor Steve Munsey on a Benny Hinn program. He said that he had been sent with a message about the widow of Zarephat who was asked by the Prophet Elijah to give her LAST meal to him during a time of famine. That widow had a son to sustain and was about to eat her LAST meal and die. However, she obeyed and never ran out of food during the famine (1 Kings 17).

Pastor Munsey asked for a specific donation, saying that it was for the protection of a child. I felt in my heart that I should give, and promised to do so, but was a bit sceptical because his eyes kept shifting away from the camera. I realize later that he was uncomfortable because God had sent him to do something that was uncomfortable for him.

I fell asleep and woke up to a phone call about the horrible news about the flood and deaths in Buccament. I gave that offering because I wanted national protection and recovery. I believe that we have seen great national recovery and favor in this regard. I also received a miracle for a family member who is dear to me one year later. The challenge is to give when God moves on you.


I must report that God has miraculously multiplied returns back to me since giving this and other sacrificial offerings to His work. Praise God.