It is Monday 6th April, 2015 at 2. 28 am. I had  awoken from sleep thinking about how God responds to the cry of the earth when I heard Archangel Michael ask this question

 “What concerns me about the churches of America?”

I replied, “what concerns you Father?”

He replied,

“I am concerned that the people are not crying out. Tell them to cry out because of evil intentions and destructions from satan against the nation. Tell them to cry out for the wicked things happening in the White House and for the destruction of morality in the nation by the President.

Tell them to cry out for the wicked sins in the nation and the murder, the violence, the crime, slavery, injustice, sexual perversion and other illegal activities.”

Archangel Michael said,

“Tell them I will place the spirit of deep intercession on them. Tell them  to PRAY, PRAY, PRAY – cry one word when they cannot find words. Sing to the Lord, scream, plead and beg, for hell has been unleashed against the nation of the United States of America.

Satan has asked for permission to sift the nation.

Many saints will tremble at the judgment, for they are asleep, but those who heed my Word shall be shielded and shall not fear.”

Archangel Michael – When Saints Cry