During the early hours of  Tuesday 21st April, 2015, Archangel Michael asked me what it means to wait for the Promise of the Father.  He told me to:

tell my people, the Church international, to prepare for the outpouring. It will happen in 10 days. However, my people must WAIT as Christ said.

Archangel Michael also told me that the word WAIT is pregnant with command, promise and power.  He said that WAIT means to:

  • set apart time
  • pray
  • lock away in the upper room
  • congregate
  • unify in one accord
  • focus only on receiving the outpouring and nothing else

To wait in the scriptures means to abide, remain, tarry (many days/a long time),  We must discipline ourselves to wait, because new outpourings are not like instant coffee. They require longing, anticipation, desire for God.

Archangel Michael then asked me to share my experience.

I  had just entered adolescence when my Youth Pastor, now Bishop Sonny Williams, began to teach the youths about the baptism of the Holy Spirit. He must have been about 18 or 19, thereabouts.  I say this to remind the church that God promised to pour out His Spirit on the youths.  Anyway,  led by our young bishop, the youths would have prayer times in which we would ask for the infilling. I would pray fervently, but it did not happen during our prayer times.

I was thirteen years old when I received the infilling. The church I attended was hosting a week of deeper life meetings and the Preacher was Pastor Neithie Soleyn. She preached from Revelation 3 –

you think you are rich, but you are poor – think you are clothed but you are naked. I remember her reading about the Lord promising to spue the church out of His mouth if they did not repent.

At the end of her message, Pastor Soleyn asked people to come for prayer. I sat in my seat and decided not to go. I had this conversation in my mind. I said to myself,

“you are a nice person, so and so (name withheld), says I am nice.

I do not need to go to the altar.”

I’m not sure how I got to the altar. I only remember praying and crying, confessing my sins. My prayer became fluent for the first time in my life. The surroundings faded away and I began to say, “le le le le le” as I spoke in a heavenly language.  Thereafter, the Lord gave me the gift of prophecy. I began to prophesy. People were crying as certain things were revealed. I had no clue what I was speaking about. .My mother eventually had to take me home so the congregation could leave.

The infilling that I received marked the beginning of   a new era in my life.  The most evident change was that I became bold to share my faith, even with adults. I was never the same after that and would begin to seek the Lord on my own without prompting.

As I continue, Archangel Michael said that we must:

  • anticipate the outpouring of God’s POWER
  • anticipate the outpouring of God’s CHARACTER

Archangel Michael told me that receiving the outpouring is being like God – God – people in the earth, the little ones, the beloved of God.  He said that the outpouring causes the Church to become joyful,  like the Church in the Book of Acts. There is singing, praying, praising, giving, evangelizing, discerning, becoming like God and POWER.

He told me to WAIT.

  • April 21st – Day 1 – Last day of the Feast of Unleavened bread, which symbolizes cleansing and purification
  • April 22nd – Day 2
  • April 23rd – Day 3
  • April 24th – Day 4
  • April 25th – Day 5
  • April 26th – Day 6
  • April 27th – Day 7
  • April 28th – Day 8
  • April 29th – Day 9
  • April 30th – Day 10
  • May 1st – OUTPOURING


“Oh Lord send the power just now”

They were in an upper chamber, they were all with one accord

  • Come Holy Spirit come – Martha Munzinni



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