In a vision about 3 am on April 30th, 2015, three very powerful and distinct gusts of wind blew through my room in a steady stream. I could actually see the winds. They did not circulate, but entered the room horizontally from the area in which my head lay and exited via the opposite wall in the direction of my feet.  The wind was not a narrow strip, but took up the entire width of the wall.Archangel Michael told me that the vision lasted for three minutes, although it seemed longer to me  – about fifteen. This tells me that time in heaven and earth are different.

In the vision, I saw that my hands were lifted straight up in a vertical position.  The wind was so powerful that I felt as if my spirit was being pulled out of my body to heaven. I was so scared that I began to cry out Jesus repeatedly, then Cheemese (my Guardian Angel). To say the least, I was scared (LOL). I can only imagine how the disciples felt on the day of Pentecost.


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a. Prayer

b. The Joy Song


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