Review of Sodomites in the church

In the previous post titled Sodomites In The Church, we saw that the Holy Scriptures reveal that demon worship lies at the root of homosexuality. When a man or woman gives him or herself over to this sin, he or she becomes a slave of the demon. Let us examine the behavior of this demon in order to understand how to pray for those who are possessed by its character.

What is Asherah?

  1. Asherah was the fertility goddess of the Phoenicians and Canaanites
  2. The ancient belief was that Asherah was the mother goddess, wife of El and mother of seventy gods, of whom Baal was the most famous.
  • Implications – the demonic spirit brings forth children. In other words, those in bondage to this demon can experience demonic rule from other evil spirits.
  • I once had a terrible dream in which I fought a huge serpent. Jesus brought a sword to me, symbolizing His Word. I cut the serpent and a large number of little serpents fell out. Thank you Jesus for deliverance.

Asherah appeared in Roman culture as Venus

Venus – fertility, infidelity, sexual impurity, prostitution, bondage and more

  • a demon worshipped by the Romans as the goddess of love, sex, beauty, and fertility, victory and prostitution.
  • the demon was unfaithful to her husband
  • had children with another demon. In other words, those who serve Venus could also be afflicted by:
    • Timor (Phobos) – the personifiation of fear
    • his twin Metus (Deimos) – the personification of terror. Sodomites instill fear and terror by threatening as in the threats to Lot and in modern times, the threat of imprisonment if the Church speaks out.
    • Concordia (Harmonia)  – the demon of harmony and concord, but this is a harmony that only works when no one disagrees with the demon and its activity.
    • and the Cupids (Erotes) who were a collection of winged love demons who represented the different aspects of love. The cupids represent perverted love.
    • According to the Romans, Venus had also several mortal lovers as well and bore children. This could very well be the distortion of Genesis 6 in which the fallen demons bore a tainted race of giants with humans. This speaks to multiple sexual partners among those possessed by the demon.

Asherah appeared in Greek culture as Aphrodite

COLORS of the sodomite movement

The rainbow is used to represent sodomy. This is mockery to God who gave the rainbow as a sign of His covenant never to destroy the world by flood. However, satan did not get the email that says that fire is what  God will use next. Did He not destroy Sodom and Gomorrah by fire? What nation has a lot of terrible forest fires?

  1. The rainbow colored hair is a sign of covering by the demon.
  2. The rainbow colored tail draws attention to the buttock. This is so shameful.
  3. The rainbow colored tail of the horse is meaningful since a horse switches its tail. Some homosexual men make exaggerated hip movements and this is to draw attention to their deviation from the norm. I rebuke this spirit of perversion in the name of Jesus and loose every victim in the name of the Lord.
  4. a tattoo on the buttock is another mark of the demon.  I learnt that from this YouTube to make a rainbow dash cake on How To Cake It of all places!
  5. The hostess used charm and humor to desensitize the hearers about the true meaning of the message. This is the element of Concordia. My observation is that homosexual men, particularly, are very charming or wear a facade of charm. This is a form of pretense since the charmer will become a serpent who strikes to destroy others.

I will stop here, but pray for deliverance in Jesus name for those in bondage. I loose you and snatch you from satan’s death grip through the power of my Lord Jesus. Amen.



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