Did God create the world with code? 

Early last week I was given a revelation about the Creation of the world as I added a table to a blog using html. As I did so, my eyes were opened to see that just as these incomprehensible words have meaning, the Word of  God also has hidden meaning. I began to wonder if God used codes to create the heaven and the earth.

I decided to share some examples in the natural realm that would illustrate.

Tables are created by code


Codes that produce images

Once again, our untutored eyes see only weird words which created this beautiful picture


Scientific formulas are expressed as code

For example, food elements are expressed as follows

  • Sodium = Na+
  • Calcium = Ca+
  • Magnesium = Mg
  • Potassium = K+
  • Iron= Fe
Scientific equations that God used to form the heavens and the earth

Humans have already discovered some of the scientific equations that God used to form the heavens and the earth


Source: NCSU.edu

We can go on and on. The scriptures say that God created everything with His Word. How exactly was that done?

More about the creation

I discovered that Job was a scientist. Click this link to read how Dr. Job PhD  described the formation of rain in Job 36


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