The Release and redemption of the Jubile

There are three keywords in the texts of scripture that show us how God thinks about the Jubile. While the Jubile was, in a sense, a civil observance, it had a deeper spiritual meaning that pointed us to the Plan of Salvation through:

  • the redemption of the human race from the bondage of satan
  • then subsequent restoration to original dominion and wealth that were lost through when fore – parents Adam and Eve gave in to satan. God placed resources in the earth that included onyx, pearls, gold and much much more. Why don’t all humans have access?

These three words are:

  • return – five times
  • restored
  • redeemed

The Jubile Is a time of OVERFLOW of the abundance from two years before

KJV Search Results for jubile AND H3104

God is so awesome that through Israel, He showed the human race that there is a time to slow down and to enjoy the fruits of our labor. In other words, we must enjoy life.  Remember that the Jubile was the year after the Shemitah, and that this was also a Year of Rest. Wow. I would love to live like this.

Anticipating that Israel would question how they would manage with two years off, God  told them that He would make  provision for the land to bear so excessively in the year preceding the Shemitah that there would be enough food up to the eighth year.

Can you imagine having so many resources that they overflow in abundance day to day,  month  to month and year to year? 

This is perpetual and residual income

Can you imagine living in the abundance God planned for us?

We would never wonder  where the next meal is coming from or how the next bill would be paid. 

                        We would not need to stress.  This is the life.


The life God planned for the human race has such abundance that it is unfamiliar to us.

It is not the Father’s will for humans to suffer poverty, but rather to have OVERFLOW. 


I thank God for the revelation in my spirit. Thank you for reading. I speak Angelic blessings and abundant prosperity no matter what you are experiencing today.


Mercedes Coleen Moss