Three disclaimers

First of all, I want to make THREE disclaimers.

  1. This writing is spurred on in defense of truth and righteousness in the nation of St. Vincent and the Grenadines.
  2. This article is not written for campaign purposes.
  3. This article is not an indication of support of one political party over another, none of which is righteous according to Archangel Michael.
  4. I am for no party. I am voting for righteousness. I am one the side of the Lord. Who is with me on the side of the Lord? Stand forth.

What I am writing about

It is Saturday 14th November, 2015 at 10. 30 am. About 45 minutes ago I was looking at YouTube videos when an ad played in advance of  a video that I wanted to look at. I was about to skip the ad when I realized that it was a campaign ad from one of the leading political parties in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. In the ad, the other party ridiculed the leader of the other, who was making a presentation at a campaign meeting in New York.  Someone asked a question about plans and the leader replied allegedly by telling the person to ask the leader of the other party.

What I saw next left me horrified and astounded as a Minister of the Gospel and Servant of God.

The scene moved to a public meeting being conducted by the party that posted the YouTube Ad.  If I remember correctly, music began to play, and a short man jumped unto the back of a taller man, mimicing sexual movements. The crowd laughed.

I was so horrified for several reasons:

  • The subtle message to the nation is that this is what we will get instead of the other party.
  • We must beware that righteousness will bring blessings while anything that is against the will of God brings a curse. Sodom and Gomorrah is a lesson until this day.
  • Secondly, this is a public video and I wonder what message is being sent to other nations about the people of St. Vincent and the Grenadines:
    • This action cannot be condoned by scripture and by God for any kind of setting, but for it to be done openly at a public meeting to the nation and to the world by an official organization
    • particularly one with such great influence over  the thinking and mindsets of the population
    • is unthinkable and highly irresponsible
    • and an indication of  the values that are cherished by those who gave permission for this kind of activity to be publicized


I warn the nation that this activity on this video is accompanied by a spirit of lust that will

trap you and your children

desensitize you to its wickedness

and sear your spirit with a hot iron

causing you to become immune to greater and more wicked sins

brought in by the demonic spirits

Beware. Beware. Beware



            Archangel Michael Said This Is The Exact Danger We Are In


Why are we laughing and not reproving this? It is a sad day in St. Vincent and the  Grenadines when there is no voice to speak courageously even when the stakes are so high.

The appeal from Father God who cares for this nation

I therefore take a stand today against all these kinds of irresponsible public and private behaviors that desensitize the nation to sin.

I speak as always as the Servant of the Living God, who has authorized me to do so at this time. I cannot be silent because I must answer to my God for the souls of this nation.

Vincentians, please pray.

I am calling on all political parties to conduct your affairs at this time in a manner that speaks to dignity, honor, respect and high ethical and moral values rather than with debasement.

I pray for you all, that the Lord will give you the strength to do so, in Jesus name. Amen.